Friday, October 28, 2011

25,000 nokia Lumia 800 will be distributed freely for developer

Nokia and Microsoft will distribute 25 thousand Nokia Lumia 800 handset for free on the developer. The developers were expected to seriously make an application for Windows Phone handsets on Windows Phone MarketPlace.

Lumia 800 itself is Nokia's first mobile phone that uses the Windows Phone operating system 7.5 or Mango. In addition to the 800 Lumia was in high-end class, Nokia also introduced the 710 which is scheduled Lumia marketed later this year.

Microsoft and Nokia hopes to attract 100 thousand application developers to enrich the content on a Windows Phone MarketPlace. One of their efforts is with a for-for this phone to developers who are committed.

"There are trucks out there full of Windows Phone," said Brandon Watson as Senior Director of Windows Phone 7 Development when he announced for arena-for mobile phones in the Nokia World 2011 recently.

Windows Phone Marketplace currently has about 35 thousand applications. Still far indeed compared to Apple's App Store or Android Market, so it's no wonder Microsoft and Nokia want to quickly catch up.

On the other side with a duet with Nokia, Microsoft believes Windows Phone will reap success. quoted by eWeek, claimed about 44% of smartphone users to consider upgrading to Windows Phone.

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