Friday, October 21, 2011

Apple will release iPad Mini

The news that Apple will release iPad Mini with smaller screen sizes getting stronger. A source of Taiwan indicate Apple is currently looking for vendors to make the iPad with 7-inch screen.

According to the United Daily News, Samsung and AU Optronics has sent a sample screen measuring 7.85 inch to Apple for testing and a mini version of the iPad candidate.

Rumors of "iPad Mini" has been rolling ever since the first generation iPad was released and now the rumor was busy talking back. Former CEO, Steve Jobs, a year ago had claimed Apple would never make a 7 inch tablet because the screen is too small to accommodate the display software. Jobs'm sure the developers were less comfortable when the need to create several different code for the same application can be used for applications across multiple screens with different sizes.

Now the situation changed, in the hands of Apple's new CEO, Tim Cook, ready to do anything to maintain dominance in the market iPad tablet world. iPad is in addition to smaller more portable than the existing iPad, their cost of production would be cheaper. With an economical price, Apple hopes to gain market share for low-cost tablet. iPad Mini will certainly be a strong competitor to Kindle Fire, 7-inch tablet output Amazon which will be released 15 November this year.

Apple itself is rumored to be releasing the iPad 3, which was fixed with 9.7 inch screen, in early 2012. There has been no clear specification of the third generation iPad. The news circulating, iPad 3 will use the screen with Retina display technology and has a resolution of 2044 x 1536. In October, Apple is believed to have started trial production iPad 3. Up until the end of this year, expected to be approximately 1.5 million units produced iPad 3 has been completed.

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