Monday, February 13, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Bold 9900 Review

Nancy asks…

any complete review for Blackberry Bold 9900 spotted in the British wilderness, bang on schedule?

Blackberry Bold 9900

admin answers:

Blackberry Bold 9900 spotted in the British wilderness, bang on schedule :


Blackberry Bold 9900


Carol asks…

Reviews on the new Blackberry Bold 9900?

Hey guys, I am getting the new Blackberry Bold 9900 tomorrow and I want to hear some reviews on the phone. Is it a phone worth buying? Let me know, thanks!

admin answers:

The display on the BlackBerry 9900 is excellent. It’s the first higher resolution device out of RIM, featuring a 640 x 480-pixel panel

Mark asks…

How is the blackberry bold 9900 battery life?

ll the reviews say the battery life sucks and people are charging it twice a day, I personally would be a average type user (not on the phone 24/7). I have also herd the "2nd" batch of them has the battery problem fixed and its lasting 2 days now, I'm thinking of getting a white one so i'm assuming that would be 2nd or even 3rd batch, Anything related to the 9900 is appreciated.

admin answers:

Battery life really sucks! Actually, before I got mine, I had heard that battery life wasn't that good but I never thought it would be this bad.
Some people say that theirs have gotten better after updating the operating system but I have also heard from others that their phone bricked after doing that, so I'm kind of afraid of upgrading my OS.

Anyway, I love the keyboard and the bigger and responsive touch screen, the resolution and how much faster it is for web browsing than previous models, but this phone has too many issues: it gets hot, the camera is not that good, it freezes, a lot of people are on their second or third replacement because of bricking issues or build defects, etc.

I suggest that before you buy, you check out the crackberry forums on the Bold 9900 section.I do remember reading a post about someone who got a white one and how he thought that the white ones were better than the first models so you might be right about that.

Hope this helps!

Robert asks…

Blackberry bold 9900 unlocked T-mobile branded?

Hi, I'm planning to purchase a new cellphone and I chose the bold 9900. I was going to buy it on amazon, and I chose the item. the problem is that I read the customers reviews and there were a lot of people complaining about that it was a T-mobile branded phone and that they couldn't use 3G.

Can you explain me what is the problem if it's said that the phone is unlocked? Can I use any type of SIM card with this unlocked T-mobile phone?

admin answers:

It all depends on what carrier you are going to use with your unlocked Blackberry Bold 9900.

How is it working?
The Blackberry Bold 9900 is a GSM device which can come with different radio support, it comes on those versions:
HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100 / 800
HSDPA 900 / 1700 / 2100

If the Blackberry Bold 9900 is a T-Mobile branded device it will work on t-mobiles 4G speeds using the frequency bands that T-mobile uses to provide the UMTS on thier network using those GSM bands:
1700 MHz/2100 MHz

At&t uses 850 MHz UMTS/HSPA and 1900 MHz UMTS/HSPA Bands to provide 3G speeds.
So At&t branded Blackberry will work on t-mobile if unlocked but it will use the 1900 MHz frequency band which used by t-mobile to provide 2G (EDGE) speeds.

So, you just need to know what are the bands that your carrier using and then buy the right Blackberry that have the right hardware inside of it to support the speeds.

Blackberry Bold 9900 from Rogers, Bell, Telus will work with H+ speeds on At&t... If the phone is unlocked those carriers are using the same bands so there won't be a problem to get the speeds..

But, A Blackberry from those carriers will only have 2G speeds with a SIM card from T-Mobile.
If you buy a T-Mobile Blackberry bold 9900 it will work with carrier such as WIND, Mobilicity & Cincinnati Bell.

Most of the devices will work on European carriers and even worldwide on most carrier..
The problem is only with the north American networks and as listed above you can see what will fit your carriers sim cards to get full speeds.
About "unlocked" phones... Basically when you buy a Blackberry from a carrier it comes branded to the carrier with the OS build and the service books installed on it to fit the carrier.. Those things can be changed.. Another thing is a SIM lock which is set on a device.

The sim lock is a security which locks the phone to work only with the carrier it's branded to... For example a Blackberry Bold 9900 from Bell Mobility won't work with Rogers SIM cards or with At&t SIM cards or with any carriers sim card other then Bells sim card... Because it's locked..

Blackberry unlocking (which is legal and safe) is simply removing that sim lock from the device making it a SIM free phone that can be used with any carrier worldwide.
Simply, if the sim lock is active then when you put a sim card from other carrier you won't get any signal with the device and you can't use it for calls, sms and data... But if the Blackberry is unlocked then it will read any sim card from any carrier.

Any Blackberry that has a GSM radio device including the Bold 9900 and the Bold 9930 can be unlocked using remote unlocking services for Blackberry mobile devices, it's done by inserting the unique unlock code that can unlock the device. Services such as "Blackberry Unlocking" - can be used to unlock any Blackberry in minutes.

When you get your Blackbery Bold 9900 unlocked the SIM lock will be removed and the device will no longer be limited to the brand carrier you got it from... Then you can use it with any carrier worldwide... A T-mobile Blackberry Bold 9900 will also work with At&t SIM card but on EDGE (2G) and with any other GSM sim card... Unlocking a Blackberry is a good thing to do with your device because it simply removes some limits that was set into it and then you can sell it faster or use it with other carrier and that's how you save money and keep your phone if traveling (can be used with prepaid sim cards) or switching carriers.

The CDMA version Blackberry Bold 9930 is also included with a GSM radio and also can be unlocked and used with GSM service providers...

Bottom line, if your Blackberry is unlocked you can use it with any carrier.. But there are a few builds of the device so the limits are not related to the unlocking it self and unlocking a phone will remove the limits of being bound to the carrier the phone is branded with.

It's also legal and safe to unlock a Blackberry, it won't effect the settings or anything and there is no need to unlock the phone more then once even if you wipe it the device will stay unlocked.

So just see what are the bands your carrier are using for 3G/H+ and get a Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 that supports those bands...
You can unlock the device by yourself even if it's a 9930 Blackberry so if you have a good deal for a new device it's worth to do it.

Jenny asks…

blackberry bold 9900 vs iphone 4s?

for christmas, my dad said he would buy me a new phone to replace my 6 year old iphone 3G(no, not the 3GS, just 3G). so i'm stuck between the dilemma of the blackberry bold 9900 and the iphone 4s. there were mixed reviews for the iphone 4s, some horrible, some phenomenal. could you help me make some comparisons between the two phones following the criteria here?
-generally easier to use
-apps (all apps, not just games)
-photography and videography.

thanks sooo much in advance, and if you would like to add to the criteria, please feel free.

i love britney spears <3 <3 <3 britney ftw

admin answers:

1-(typing) black berry. 2-(easier to use) Tuff one maybe....iPhone 3-(apps) tie, they both have a bunch of apps but I heard that black berry a has a bunch of more free apps. 4-(games) black berry but it's tuff 5-(photography and videography) iPhone plus you can buy a buch of apps to edit videos and pictures. Total= black berry-3 IPhone-2 but honestly there both very good if you get one and not the other you won't regret much. It also depends on ur career like black berry is better for business where iPhone is also good for business but can still offer alot for other jobs. What ever you decide you will have very little to no regrets. And yes britney 4 the win :). - Carter

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Os Download Free

Linda asks…

What's the best free GPS app for Blackberry?

I've got GPS data, giving me locations of moth infestations. I reckon that I ought to be able to locate these using the GPS on my blackberry.
So, any suggestions of best free download where I can enter OS map reference and get guided to location? Is this even possible?


admin answers:

The only one that I know of that does that is AmAze. It is available as a free app at

It doesn't list its Blackberry app on the page but it offers you a barcode reader download that is only available to BB's and possibly IPhones. I use it and it is pretty accurate.

Good luck!

Ruth asks…

How do i download themes for my blackberry pearl 8110 for free w/o email on my bb? 10 PTS for best answer!?

Also what is OS 4.2.1?
Please someone help!

admin answers:


Robert asks…

where can i get a windows mobile theme for my blackberry?

i want a little change for my blackberry, but i dont want to pay. so can i download the windows mobile OS on my blackberry curve 8320? or can i just use the theme?
please provide me links of free themes or windows OS
thank you :D

admin answers:

You can look through the free stuff at the sites below. To download, all you have to do is create an account on the site.

Steven asks…

Blackberry Curve acting crazy after downloading a theme!?

I guess I was a little too bored and decided to download a theme from here ... - Once I finished installing it on to the phone, the phone started acting crazy. Such as: a window continuously popping up telling me how many anytime minutes I have...the scroll ball is not controlling the cursor properly...the escape key is not working correctly taking me to random screens...

And yes, I tried taking the battery out and rebooting several times...Nothing. No change.

I'm thinking I should uninstall the theme and hopefully it will be back to normal, but before I did anything to make it worse, I wanted to check.

HELP! (please)

admin answers:

I would uninstall it. The theme was not made by BlackBerry and could very possibly have many many flaws. You can NEVER trust things you find on the internet.

Lizzie asks…

Which should I get: Blackberry Bold or Samsung Epix?

I am going to be upgrading my cell phone with AT&T soon, in 2 months to be exact, and I need to know which is better, the Blackberry Bold or Samsung Epix. I have never had a Blackberry, but I have had Samsung phones and Windows Mobile-based phones. I really like the Samsung's touch screen, but I like the Blackberry's keyboard much more than the Samsung's. I also really like the interesting things you can do with Windows Mobile, like downloading different applications/themes/games/etc, and I hear that the Blackberry OS is more closed off and there aren't many free applications/themes/games available. I am in need of a lot of help, thanks!
So far, I do agree that the Bold looks much better, and I would assume the Bold would have better quality, too. My last phone, a Samsung Blackjack II, started to sort of tarnish at the parts that weren't attached to the body, such as the memory card door and the power button.
So far, I do agree that the Bold looks much better, and I would assume the Bold would have better quality, too. My last phone, a Samsung Blackjack II, started to sort of tarnish at the parts that weren't attached to the body, such as the memory card door and the power button.

admin answers:

I like the epix better

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Questions About Blackberry Vs Iphone 4 Which Is Better

Jenny asks…

iphone 4 Vs HTC Desire Vs Blackberry Torch, which has a better GPS?

I live outside the US and because my car doesnt have a GPS I rely on my Iphone 3g currently.

I will be getting a new phone and GPS is important to me. I hear although HTC comes with voice navigation guidance this feature is not available outside US.

Which of the three phones is better with regard to GPS accuracy and also the options that come with their GPS?

admin answers:

High quality mechanism is always made by Apple. Other companies try to do in months, what Apple has achieved in years. This of course, doesn't work.

So, my answer would be iPhone 4.

And, HTC Desire doesn't have built in turn-by-turn navigation. Only newer HTC phones, or if the phones has the latest firmware (which is very unlikely). And this only works in US and UK.

EDIT: There is a reason why I haven't included the RIM BlackBerry Torch...

Ruth asks…

Iphone 4 Vs HTC Desire Vs Blackberry Torch, which has a better GPS?

I live outside the US and because my car doesnt have a GPS I rely on my Iphone 3g currently.

I will be getting a new phone and GPS is important to me. I hear although HTC comes with voice navigation guidance this feature is not available outside US.

Which of the three phones is better with regard to GPS accuracy and also the options that come with their GPS?

admin answers:

IPhone is great. But what ever is cheaper. And makes you happy.

Apple iPhone 4 Black Smartphone 16GB
*Does not include AT&T service contract
*Retina Display
*HD Video Recording
*5MP Camera

Lizzie asks…

IPhone 4 vs a blackberry...? Which ones is better?

im looking at getting a new phone but i cant decicde between a BlackBerry or the new IPhone 4 i need some help.

admin answers:

Well, with an iPhone 4 you can get today's technology and with a Blackberry you can get the state-of-the-art for 2006. With the iPhone you can get hundreds of thousands of apps and with a Blackberry you can try to download stuff to make your Blackberry work more like an iPhone. People buy iPhones and Blackberries are thrust upon people by IT drones.

Chris asks…

iphone vs blackberry? which is better?

I currently have an iphone 4 but its costing me to much should i get a blackberry on pay as you go? but i also dont want to always be carring around my ipod for music? any ideas? also which blackberry is the best?

admin answers:

IPhone, hands down.

Linda asks…

Iphone vs Blackberry? Which is better?

I'm looking into getting either the BlackBerry Bold 9780 or the Iphone 4. I have a Nokia N97 atm and its rubbish.
What phone is easier to text on? Do they both have qwerty keyboard option?
I want it to have a reasonable camera and a good battery life.
Also, is bbm good on blackberry?
Thankyouuu (:

admin answers:

Well it depends what you want to do with your phone. If you love all the gadgets, apps and games, the iphone is a clear winner. It also does look very good. The problem with the iphone is the cost. Very expensive. You have to pay alot for the phone and if you want a decent tarriff that will cost you also.

I have a blackerry and the BBM is great for texting friends who also have them. Very very easy to text as they are buttons not touch screen and its not complicated to use at all. Ring, text and use a camera which is good. Also you wont get ripped off with the tariffs.

Hope this helps

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Questions About Blackberry Vs Iphone

Ken asks…

I was just wondering about the whole blackberry Vs Iphone?

If iphones are so great why dont you see celebrities with iphones. It seems like all of them have a blk berry.. Just wondering
well im talking about on tv shows they all are using blackberries then i was lookin on the internet and they showed a whole lot of celebrities with blkberries

admin answers:

IPhones are great for playing games, listening to music, email, surfing the web, etc. In other words its for people who have lots of time to screw around on their phone. Its time that celebrities simply do not have on a daily basis and when they do, they're not spending it on their phones.

Blackberries on the other hand are great at managing contacts, emails, texting, scheduling/calendar and various other bits without getting in your way. Blackberries are also known for their security, even at the consumer level.

I've had many opportunities to buy an iPhone and personally they are awesome devices. But I simply just don't have the time to make full use of the iPhone and its awesome features.

The iPhone is for the "I have time to screw around on my phone" kind of user.

Paul asks…

What is the cost of a monthly plan for a Blackberry vs an iPhone?

I would have the $30 data plan either way, but I would also want unlimited txt and about 200 minutes per month.
I would have the $30 data plan either way, but I would also want unlimited txt and about 200 minutes per month. If I got a Blackberry it would be Verizon

admin answers:

They're the same price. The basic plan is 450 minutes (that's the least available) and the data plan. It's $70/month plus fees and taxes. Unlimited texting is $20/month for a total of $90/month before taxes.

Mandy asks…

iphone vs blackberry which is the better phone?

is the blackberry the better phone? or is it the iphone? explain why.

admin answers:

I say the blackberrry because u had an i phone but it kept freezing and shut off and they said that alot have been doing that so i turned it in for a blackberry and it hasnt frozen or anything yett and iv had it for about 5..6..7 soo monthss!

George asks…

Blackberry vs. Iphone? Which is better if I already have an Ipod touch 2g?

I will use Internet a lot, email, etc.
FYI, I got the IPhone yesterday, and so far so good.

admin answers:

BLACKBERRY PEARL ALL THE WAY Iphones suck when it comes to call quality and they overheat

Laura asks…

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an iphone vs blackberry?

admin answers:

They are entirely different phones in both concept and functionality. The BlackBerry is oriented toward a business phone with fast and secure communications, a business suite, instant email, and BlackBerry messenger for anytime anywhere BlackBerry to BlackBerry chat.

The BlackBerry 3G touch-screen phone, Storm, the one most often compared with an iPhone also has a camera and full multimedia capability. The real difference is on the plans associated with each phone. The BlackBerry is an internet phone, not an ordinary phone that can use WiFi (when available) to connect to the internet. As such is is only available with an unlimited internet plan that allows browsing, email, most IM apps and things like Facebook, MySpace, and Flickr as well as full GPS navigation capability.

It comes back to choice, a business phone or a playphone. I have both and far prefer the BlackBerry, it is faster texting or writing email, and has better battery life as well as the push (instantly received) email function.

Choose wisely

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Your Questions About Blackberry Bold 9650 Review

George asks…

Blackberry bold 9650 on sprint, can it play videos?

I currently have a curve 8330 and am trying to decide whether to upgrade right now to the Bold 9650 or wait it out for something better to come out. Questions I have:
- Can the Bold 9650 play videos online (for example a music video on youtube)?
- How much better is the web browser than what i already have, i obviously know that it's faster, but I mean the way the browser looks, etc. Many webpages do not/will not load on my Curve 8330
- Is the upgrade great enough that I should make the switch now or wait for a better blackberry to come along?

Personal opinions would be great because I have watched review videos and none of them seem to answer my specific questions, especially the one of watching videos online. Please do not tell me to switch carriers because I can't. And please do not tell me to pick a different phone, I would like another Blackberry. Thanks so much!

admin answers:

The 8330 plays YT videos and surfs the web just fine as long as you keep your device maintained and up to date.

The 9650 will do the same.

A BB is similar to a computer. Keep it clean (software) and updated and it will work just fine.

Thomas asks…

Droid 2 or Blackberry Bold 9650?

I've seen other questions about this but I want a more updated and more "experienced" reply. I have the LG Voyager (which I loved until the inside screen cracked and went black) right now, and i'm due for an upgrade in a week or so. I've heard that the Droid 2 isn't very promising but people are choosing the Android OS over the Blackberry. They both come with the same deal which is buy 1 get 1 free, the Droid priced at 150$ and the Blackberry 100$. I am a touch screen user but I wouldn't mind using a track pad. I've heard many rumors about the Droid not being as promising as it sounds when it comes to battery life and "cheek dialing." Are these true, does the cheek accidentally dial the number if you hold it to tight or at a weird angle? I haven't read any bad reviews about the Bold though. Oh, and i'm only getting the 15$ data package plan for the phone, so I only have 150MB of web and email and what not. The thing is, Id rather have a a phone that is a "step back" if you know what I mean rather than a newer phone which isnt working as well as it should? I'd really appreciate any feedback from users of both phones, so I can get a good comparison between the two, because they are completely different OSs and I dont want to pick the wrong one. And if there is a phone like the "Blackberry Torch" that is coming out for verizon in the next month or so, I'd like to know about it, because I can totally wait for that. Thanks a lot!

admin answers:

It really depends what you use your phone for. If you love Apps, then Blackberry isn't the phone for you. It's a great phone (I have one) but it's only a great phone if you actually use it to work (I email A LOT) and calling and texting. It's not a "fun" gadget phone by any means, so if that's what you're looking for then I suggest not getting a Blackberry.

Linda asks…

Blakberry Curve 9330 or Blackberry Bold 9650?

I definitely want to get one of these phones. I've been looking into them and reading reviews but they say a lot of the same things. So i would like to hear other opinions before i make my final decision! Please help (:

admin answers:

Hey Airsoft, both the 9330 and 9650 are newer than your 9700.

The 9650 is better

The 9650 has a better camera (3.2 MP with flash vs 2.0 MP no flash)

The 9650 has a better display (480x360 vs 320x240)

The 9650 is a world phone the 9330 isn't

The 9650 is built better and looks nicer

Sandra asks…

Anyone care to give me a review of the verizon blackberry?

My contract just ended with verizon and I want a new phone. I've been thinking about getting a Blackberry but before I shell out the $30 a month I want to make sure its worth it. I want this phone mainly to text, bbm, go on facebook and occasionally surf the internet. I will not be downloading tons of apps. How long is the battery life (does it last a few hours or a few days). Is the internet really fast or will i be waiting 5 mins just for one page to load. Im looking into either the blackberry curve 8530, the blackberry tour 9630 or the blackberry bold 9650. Any information would be great.

admin answers:

The Blackberry is one of best smart phones out, I have the curve 8530 n the battery last a long, you can muti-task, the browser is good also

Maria asks…

Get Blackberry Tour or wait for Bold 9650(Tour 2)?

I'm switching to Verizon soon, and I was planning on getting the Tour. I've heard bad reviews about it - the trackball, no internal memory, no wifi. Than I heard the Tour 2 or bold 9650 is coming soon. I really need a new phone soon and since they've already delayed the bold 9650 before I don't know if I want to wait any longer before just getting the Tour. If I do decide to just go ahead and get the Tour would I be able to switch to the Bold 9650 if it comes out within 30 days for free? And if not, would you recommend me buying the tour or waiting?

admin answers:

FYI: All blackberry phones have internal memory. What they are referring to is a lack of it...

The Tour is definitely usable. It's bad reviews hail from it's comparison to the bold 9700 (which is awesome).

I would say that if you're switching real soon, like within a couple days or the week, to NOT rely on being able to switch to Tour 2/Bold. There is not guaranteed release date (as of now), which is to say it might not come out in 30 days. Grrrr verizon.

Case 1: Apathetic
If you don't care about the Tour 2 that much or absolutely LOVE the upgrades. Then get the Tour, there are many happy users.

Case 2: Addict
If you are wishy washy about the Tour 1 and really really want the Tour 2 (like me). I would wait (if possible) to sign up, otherwise suck it up and follow Case 1.

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