Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Vs Android

Mark asks…

Blackberry vs android which is more entertaining and time pass?

admin answers:

IPhone ftw.

Laura asks…

blackberry vs android drivern mobile phones?

if one were looking to buy a smart phone for under rs 10k what would be better for mainly seeing mails etc on the move?
a blackberry or android or other operating system based smart phone
what are the pluses and minuses?

admin answers:

BB are outdated. Go for the Android! It is the best OS as of today. There are lot of features you will get in an android phone. Plus, lot more applications that you can dwonlad, games, 3G speed, social networking :)

there are many Android phoen – but I suggest take a look at Optimus One….It has android 2.2. Its got a better camera. You can use WhatsApp on android. Its free. Thats a good alternative for BBM - infact you can chat with your friends who own blackberry via WhatsApp.

Donald asks…

Blackberry vs Android?

Should I get the blackberry or the android? Which is better and why? And which kind of blackberry/android should I get? Which has better apps? Thanks for all feedback in advance :)

admin answers:

Blackberry is more of a business phone where as Android is more of an awesome phone. Android has better apps. DROID X

John asks…

Blackberry VS Android?

Android Vs Blackberry

admin answers:

I used both BB and Android,

and best according to me,
Apple's iOS

George asks…

i want to buy a help me which is the better blackberry vs android os?

which is the best phone between blackberry or android operating system phone

admin answers:

Its android only
compared to other operating system android is best its having good touch wiz,u will get all the application from android market, mobile AP WIFI hotspot, very good UI and customizable home screen

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