Saturday, February 11, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Video Format In Storm

Joseph asks…

My Blackberry Storm Video Player?

Whenever I take video with my Blackberry Storm and I go to play it, the phone tells me that it's in an incompatible format and that I can't play it. Does anyone know why this is? I take the video with my phone and then it won't play back on my phone. Any idea's how to fix it?

admin answers:

Ask carphone wharehouse if it's in your area or give it to someone who can fix the problem.

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Betty asks…

can i save a video which reads unsupported format?

i filmed a video using my blackberry storm and when i went to view it it read unsupported format.
so i bluetoothed it to my mac hoping i can save it but it still reads error has anyone got any ideas.
thanx in advance
the video is in quicktime which is supported by both my mac and blackberry when i view it on my mac it says " an invalid public movie atom was found in the movie" the blackberry itself wont view it even tho used my blackberry to film it.

admin answers:

Your mac has no media player that can support/read the video file.. Download a media player software like VLC player. That shouldn't be a problem or search for softwares that supports the format type of your video. If you want to play it on your blackberry, 1st you need to convert the video to the format which blackberry can support. Search in google for video converters. There are lots of free converters to download.

Sandy asks…

Blackberry Storm Questions...PLZ Help!!!?

How do i add my custom mp3 and wav ringtones to the "My Ringtones" Folder instead of it showing up in the Music section?

Is it possible to move pics to the sample pics folder?

my mem card when connected displays the mem card folder only as a music folder so i cant see pics, videos or the ringtones folder...i tried formatting the card on the blackberry but the problem still do i fix this?

how do i change the front screen icons to different program apps like this for example:

admin answers:

Check out

the best source for all things blackberry!!!!!

David asks…

Help with windows movie maker!?!?!?

Alright so I have a pretty big project due tomorrow and I used a digital camera (Panasonic Lumix) to record my video. Not wanting to take up too much space I used the memory card from my cellphone (and msd card adapter) to record the video. When I synced it to the computer the video was no where to be found! But it still shows up on the camera. So I used the normal memory card for the camera and the video showed up on the computer this time in quicktime format, but when I tried to import it I can't find the file (it doesn't show up.) Finally I did a video with my blackberry storm and the same thing happened. I know you can use a digital camera for it but I have no idea what's going on. Any advice?

admin answers:


and download Quick Media Converter.

It's free.

Then convert your files to WMV format.


James asks…

Need help formatting a memory card.?

I have just brought the new Blackberry Storm, I want to put my old memory card from my old phone in it only it comes up with an error message saying the card needs formatting as it cant be read. It is the right card for the phone. I don't know how to do it?? Can it be done?? Its got all my pictures, songs and videos on so I hope it is transferable!!

admin answers:

Put the card in your old phone and transfer all your stuff onto your PC.

You have to put it on your PC because you have to reformat for your Blackberry. After you've backed everything up, place the card in the Storm and there should be an option to format somewhere within the phone. Consult the manual if you cannot find it.

After reformatting it for the Storm, you can load everything from your old phone off your PC and put it on your storm.

Hope this helps. Feel free to message me for more assistance.

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