Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Bold 9900 White

Sandy asks…

Should I get a white or black Blackberry Bold 9900?

admin answers:


Don't listen to the iphone twits

Paul asks…

White vs. black Blackberry Bold 9900?

admin answers:

White Blackberry Bold 9900.

Lizzie asks…

Will BlackBerry Bold touch be available in white?

I think the release of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 comes out in August 2011, but I was wondering if it would also be available in white.

admin answers:

Hi.If AT&T were to come out with a new version of the Bold then new colors would most likely be available.

Michael asks…

blackberry bold 9900 or blackberry torch 9860?

Should i get the blackberry bold 9900 or blackberry torch 9860? I want them in white, but even if they wouldnt have them where i am i would get them in black. Give me reason why the one you chose is the one you chose.

admin answers:

I'm actually considering buying a blackberry but not sure which one to get, the 8520 for £120 or the 9 something bold for £130 :/

Sharon asks…

Do I buy a Blackberry Bold 9780 or wait for the new Bold 9900?

I preferably want it in white, and only the 9780 comes in white at the moment. Would the 9780 become outdated? Is it a bad phone?

admin answers:

I've got a white Bold 9780 and I love it. It's a great phone but now I'm wishing I had waited.The 9900 sounds like it's going to be great and next year the 9780 will be a little outdated.

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