Monday, February 6, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Wipe Handheld

Thomas asks…

what will happend to my blackberry once i wipe handheld

i was wondering when i wipe my hand held on my blackberry pearl will it erase all of my contacts on my sim card. my phone is connected to rogers.
what will the wipe do to my phone after its done will it affect the contacts on my simcard. i am connected to rogers with this phone

admin answers:

Hi All,

To answer your question about your SIM card, it will wipe the information in it. Crackberry is right. Removed the SIM before wiping/scrubbing.

Lisa asks…

"Wipe handheld" on BlackBerry 8100?

If i press wipe handheld on my 8100 BlackBerry will it get rid of my phone service messaging and internet because it says, "will delete all message services. "

admin answers:

Wiping your handheld will restore it back to its factory settings and should erase all added applications, email history, notes, contacts, and calendar data. It will not remove your phone service, your call plan, or features on your mobile account.

It is the best way to restore your phone to the way it was when first purchased.

Richard asks…

Can I perform a Master Reset (Wipe Handheld) on a SIM unlocked Blackberry 9530 (Storm) and retain my unlock?

This phone was originally locked to Verizon, and I am currently using it on T-Mobile.

admin answers:

100% The unlock code has nothing to do with the wipe.

Heck, you can reset it to factory and it won't lock it up again.

Just make sure you back up and relevant data. Then when you bring it back up, re-register on the network, and you'll be fine.

Chris asks…

Wipe handheld on blackberry phones??

im trying to erase all the phone numbers, call logs, and pictures off my phone. i have too many to delete all at once, that will take forever!

i was told that wipe handheld option will delete all of that, but will it also delete EVERYTHING [application, programs, etc]. making it basically a BLANK PHONE.??

when i clicked on wipe hand held, this pop up came "warning, all application data will be lost! Message service and other services will be disabled."

what does that mean?

admin answers:

"Wiping" is somewhat of a misnomer: It doesn't completely kill the device. It simply removes all personal information and restores the device back to the factory default. All of your email, address book, preferences, etc., will be erased.

Laura asks…

if my blackberry 9700 is unlocked and i wipe the handheld before selling it will that get rid of the unlock?

admin answers:


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