Thursday, February 2, 2012

Questions About Blackberry White Screen Fix

Maria asks…

help me fix a blackberry pearl white screen!?

Ok so here is all the details.. i was wiping the screen off on my jeans. i guess the motion of the trackball back and forth messed up the screen.. it went all trippy then whited out.. i have taken out the battery and put it back in nothing is working.. i have dropped it but i was fine i dont know if maybe this is a late effect? i bought the phone off of ebay from a respectable dealer but it didnt come with the software disc so i dont know whats up with the deleting trick. anyhow im a teenage girl, our phones are our world.. i am really upset that its doing this. please help me

admin answers:

You can try to remove the battery AND the sim card for a minute and put it back in. If that doesn't work you can download the desktop manager which will allow you to reload your software onto your blackberry. If you are uncomfortable doing the last option call your provider instead you dont want your phone to be in a worse state then its in now.

Sharon asks…

how can i fix the white screen on my blackberry bold 9780?


admin answers:

It's possible that its just updating so just give it time. If it doesn't go away then try taking it to your providers store and see if they'll look at it.

Paul asks…

My Blackberry Curve 8330's screen went completely white, how do I fix it?

Everything was all normal until I got a text message so i checked my phone and it's completely white except for one stripe across it in the center. Everything's working fine, my phone is still blinking red since i have 3 texts, but i just cant see anything but a white screen.

admin answers:

It could be a few things, but kind of sounds like you may have liquid damage to your phone. That is a common problem when phones get a little liquid damage (does not have to be a lot of water... Even steam from a shower if you had it in the bathroom). If you take the battery out of the phone there should be a liquid indicator to let you know if the liquid reached that part of the phone... The indicator would be pink or red instead of white (one on the battery as well). You would be best to take it in & let a technician take a look.

Thomas asks…

my blackberry curve 8330s screen keeps turning white and other colors do you know how i could fix it?

I've had a blackberry for little over 7 months now, and constantly out of no where, the screen turns different colors, and stays like that for a period of time and slowly comes back. Does anyone know how i can fix it? Please help.

admin answers:

Take it back & get a new one. Blackberries suck, they have so many glitches. I know this because i have one too. Just take it back, tell them your problem & they'll probably give you a new one.

Donald asks…

I dropped my blackberry curve, and now there's a white screen. How do i fix it??!!?

admin answers:

Take the battery out for 30 minutes then replace and see if it will re-boot, if not you could try connecting to pc and re-loading the software.

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  1. i was online with my blackberry bold 9650
    was watching avidoe and then a white sceeen just come up on my phone i remove the batery and it still there want i could do to fix