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Questions About Blackberry Bold 9900 Review

Nancy asks…

any complete review for Blackberry Bold 9900 spotted in the British wilderness, bang on schedule?

Blackberry Bold 9900

admin answers:

Blackberry Bold 9900 spotted in the British wilderness, bang on schedule :


Blackberry Bold 9900


Carol asks…

Reviews on the new Blackberry Bold 9900?

Hey guys, I am getting the new Blackberry Bold 9900 tomorrow and I want to hear some reviews on the phone. Is it a phone worth buying? Let me know, thanks!

admin answers:

The display on the BlackBerry 9900 is excellent. It’s the first higher resolution device out of RIM, featuring a 640 x 480-pixel panel

Mark asks…

How is the blackberry bold 9900 battery life?

ll the reviews say the battery life sucks and people are charging it twice a day, I personally would be a average type user (not on the phone 24/7). I have also herd the "2nd" batch of them has the battery problem fixed and its lasting 2 days now, I'm thinking of getting a white one so i'm assuming that would be 2nd or even 3rd batch, Anything related to the 9900 is appreciated.

admin answers:

Battery life really sucks! Actually, before I got mine, I had heard that battery life wasn't that good but I never thought it would be this bad.
Some people say that theirs have gotten better after updating the operating system but I have also heard from others that their phone bricked after doing that, so I'm kind of afraid of upgrading my OS.

Anyway, I love the keyboard and the bigger and responsive touch screen, the resolution and how much faster it is for web browsing than previous models, but this phone has too many issues: it gets hot, the camera is not that good, it freezes, a lot of people are on their second or third replacement because of bricking issues or build defects, etc.

I suggest that before you buy, you check out the crackberry forums on the Bold 9900 section.I do remember reading a post about someone who got a white one and how he thought that the white ones were better than the first models so you might be right about that.

Hope this helps!

Robert asks…

Blackberry bold 9900 unlocked T-mobile branded?

Hi, I'm planning to purchase a new cellphone and I chose the bold 9900. I was going to buy it on amazon, and I chose the item. the problem is that I read the customers reviews and there were a lot of people complaining about that it was a T-mobile branded phone and that they couldn't use 3G.

Can you explain me what is the problem if it's said that the phone is unlocked? Can I use any type of SIM card with this unlocked T-mobile phone?

admin answers:

It all depends on what carrier you are going to use with your unlocked Blackberry Bold 9900.

How is it working?
The Blackberry Bold 9900 is a GSM device which can come with different radio support, it comes on those versions:
HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100 / 800
HSDPA 900 / 1700 / 2100

If the Blackberry Bold 9900 is a T-Mobile branded device it will work on t-mobiles 4G speeds using the frequency bands that T-mobile uses to provide the UMTS on thier network using those GSM bands:
1700 MHz/2100 MHz

At&t uses 850 MHz UMTS/HSPA and 1900 MHz UMTS/HSPA Bands to provide 3G speeds.
So At&t branded Blackberry will work on t-mobile if unlocked but it will use the 1900 MHz frequency band which used by t-mobile to provide 2G (EDGE) speeds.

So, you just need to know what are the bands that your carrier using and then buy the right Blackberry that have the right hardware inside of it to support the speeds.

Blackberry Bold 9900 from Rogers, Bell, Telus will work with H+ speeds on At&t... If the phone is unlocked those carriers are using the same bands so there won't be a problem to get the speeds..

But, A Blackberry from those carriers will only have 2G speeds with a SIM card from T-Mobile.
If you buy a T-Mobile Blackberry bold 9900 it will work with carrier such as WIND, Mobilicity & Cincinnati Bell.

Most of the devices will work on European carriers and even worldwide on most carrier..
The problem is only with the north American networks and as listed above you can see what will fit your carriers sim cards to get full speeds.
About "unlocked" phones... Basically when you buy a Blackberry from a carrier it comes branded to the carrier with the OS build and the service books installed on it to fit the carrier.. Those things can be changed.. Another thing is a SIM lock which is set on a device.

The sim lock is a security which locks the phone to work only with the carrier it's branded to... For example a Blackberry Bold 9900 from Bell Mobility won't work with Rogers SIM cards or with At&t SIM cards or with any carriers sim card other then Bells sim card... Because it's locked..

Blackberry unlocking (which is legal and safe) is simply removing that sim lock from the device making it a SIM free phone that can be used with any carrier worldwide.
Simply, if the sim lock is active then when you put a sim card from other carrier you won't get any signal with the device and you can't use it for calls, sms and data... But if the Blackberry is unlocked then it will read any sim card from any carrier.

Any Blackberry that has a GSM radio device including the Bold 9900 and the Bold 9930 can be unlocked using remote unlocking services for Blackberry mobile devices, it's done by inserting the unique unlock code that can unlock the device. Services such as "Blackberry Unlocking" - can be used to unlock any Blackberry in minutes.

When you get your Blackbery Bold 9900 unlocked the SIM lock will be removed and the device will no longer be limited to the brand carrier you got it from... Then you can use it with any carrier worldwide... A T-mobile Blackberry Bold 9900 will also work with At&t SIM card but on EDGE (2G) and with any other GSM sim card... Unlocking a Blackberry is a good thing to do with your device because it simply removes some limits that was set into it and then you can sell it faster or use it with other carrier and that's how you save money and keep your phone if traveling (can be used with prepaid sim cards) or switching carriers.

The CDMA version Blackberry Bold 9930 is also included with a GSM radio and also can be unlocked and used with GSM service providers...

Bottom line, if your Blackberry is unlocked you can use it with any carrier.. But there are a few builds of the device so the limits are not related to the unlocking it self and unlocking a phone will remove the limits of being bound to the carrier the phone is branded with.

It's also legal and safe to unlock a Blackberry, it won't effect the settings or anything and there is no need to unlock the phone more then once even if you wipe it the device will stay unlocked.

So just see what are the bands your carrier are using for 3G/H+ and get a Blackberry Bold 9900/9930 that supports those bands...
You can unlock the device by yourself even if it's a 9930 Blackberry so if you have a good deal for a new device it's worth to do it.

Jenny asks…

blackberry bold 9900 vs iphone 4s?

for christmas, my dad said he would buy me a new phone to replace my 6 year old iphone 3G(no, not the 3GS, just 3G). so i'm stuck between the dilemma of the blackberry bold 9900 and the iphone 4s. there were mixed reviews for the iphone 4s, some horrible, some phenomenal. could you help me make some comparisons between the two phones following the criteria here?
-generally easier to use
-apps (all apps, not just games)
-photography and videography.

thanks sooo much in advance, and if you would like to add to the criteria, please feel free.

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admin answers:

1-(typing) black berry. 2-(easier to use) Tuff one maybe....iPhone 3-(apps) tie, they both have a bunch of apps but I heard that black berry a has a bunch of more free apps. 4-(games) black berry but it's tuff 5-(photography and videography) iPhone plus you can buy a buch of apps to edit videos and pictures. Total= black berry-3 IPhone-2 but honestly there both very good if you get one and not the other you won't regret much. It also depends on ur career like black berry is better for business where iPhone is also good for business but can still offer alot for other jobs. What ever you decide you will have very little to no regrets. And yes britney 4 the win :). - Carter

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