Friday, February 10, 2012

Your Questions About Blackberry Bold 9650 Verizon

Ken asks…

Blackberry Bold 9650 Verizon release date?

Does anyone know when the new Blackberry Bold 9650 is coming out for Verizon. All the online rumors suggested a May 27th release date, but that clearly didn't happen. Every time I call Verizon, they are very vague and say they don't know, but this week an employee did confirm they are starting to train them about the phone.

admin answers:

Just called Verizon. I got the vague treatment also. When I asked about the tour 2, she told me she could answer all of my questions, then she proceeded to tell me she doesn't know anything about a Tour 2. It was obviously a canned response. When I brought up wanting to wait for new technology she told me they have several new phones getting ready to be released soon and she would wait if she was in my shoes. The memorial weekend sale on phones, the training rumored and the weird yet somewhat informative response when I called in leads me to believe we will see the Tour 2 / 9650 in early June. Early June has been predicted by a few other sites also so we are getting close... Hopefully.

Joseph asks…

How do i connect to Wi-Fi with my verizon blackberry bold 9650?

i turn on my wi-fi, i try connecting to a network. when i pick the network, they all say "Enter this PIN into your wireless router" then it gives me a number. i dont know how to enter a PIN into my router. I can also get to an option where it asks for my pre-shared key, but none of my wifi passwords work for it? No one else i know with a blackberry has this problem.

admin answers:

You should try looking at a youtube video . I always look for instruction on there for just about everything :)

Ruth asks…

How To Put My Verizon Blackberry Bold 9650 On Virgin Mobile Beyond Plan?

Please tell me step by step please i don't want to get the curve

admin answers:

VZN is CDMA and CDMA doesnt use sim cards they use ESN numbers
GSM=sim card networks

But you would have to get it unlocked by VZN or try one of those pay to unlock the phone.

Charles asks…

Blackberry Bold (verizon) 9650 - problems?

I'm having random troubles with my extremely new blackberry bold 9650. It had been freezing, so i shut it off, turned it back on - it wouldn't let me unlock my actual phone. Then it when I have it plugged it, it lets me unlock (only sometimes) and it wont let me scroll. I'm freaking out, because I only got this phone about a month, maybe a month and a half ago. I'm not sure what's going on or how to fix it !!

admin answers:

Try a battery pull - it can fix it!

Lisa asks…

Blackberry Bold 9650 from Verizon to Sprint?

If I unlock the BB 9650 Verizon using an unlock code, can I use the phone on the Sprint network?

admin answers:

You cannot.

Unlocking a 9650 allows use on GSM networks but Sprint is a CDMA provider.

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