Monday, February 6, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Virgin Mobile Phone

Ken asks…

Help if you have a blackberry phone by virgin mobile or any virgin mobile phone?

Is anyone else's SMS not working?? I dont know anyone else who has a virgin mobile phone so i cant ask anyone, please let me know!! Im not recieving text msgs and ppl arent recieving mine, im thinking its the network
@ohlivah- thank you so much, i was freaking out bc i cant text and was hoping it wasnt just my phone!! I hope they fix whatever the problem is asap!!

admin answers:

Yes, it's the network. Mine has been doing the same thing all day. I believe it had something to do with the hurricane.

Nancy asks…

Ok im thinking about getting a blackberry on Virgin mobile service. The phone has wifi on it.?

My question is that if the phone is ever out of service, can i still get on the web via wifi?

admin answers:

Sure you can. If you noticed, you can still use WiFi even if you do not have a SIM card on your mobile.

Robert asks…

Virgin mobile blackberry?

my parents are planning on buying me a phone and im thinking about getting a virgin mobile phone. The problem is that i REALLY want a Blackberry but the blackberry phones that virgin mobile sells is $250! and my parents dont wanna spend that much so i was wondering if i could buy a blackberry from sprint and someway activate it to Virgin mobile. But im not sure if i could do that and since i dont want a contract with sprint the blackberry may end up still being expensive maybe being even more than the Virgin mobile blackberry. Please i need help!!!!

admin answers:

You have to have the virgin mobile phone to get the prepaid service they offer...the reason they charge so much for the phone is due to customers not signing a contract so they need to make money on the sell of the phone itself...sorry...

I am buying the Blackberry from them next week simply because I don't want to sign any contracts

Helen asks…

What's a better phone, Optimus V with android, or the Blackberry 8530? For Virgin Mobile?

I'm getting a new phone for Virgin Mobile, and I was wondering which is better cause Ive always wanted a Blackberry, but now the Android is out but I'm not sure which is better.

admin answers:

Android is better, and less expensive.

David asks…

How much doe it cost, to change your Virgin Mobile phone number online?

I got this Blackberry Curve, from Virgin Mobile. And I wanted, to change my phone number to a new number. How much does it cost, to change the phone number online? Or do you actually, have to do it by telephone?

admin answers:

Yeah, you can make a change. As for the fee, it depends on. If you have a contract with the current provider, usually you should pay $100 for changing a phone number, but as far as I know, some providers won't let you pay if you have used their service for at least one year. If you don't have contact, definitely you won't need pay for it.

Ask the new provider to make a change to the phone number, but be make sure that before changing your current number, you shouldn't stop the service with your current provider, otherwise your phone number will be inactive and your new provider will unable to make a change for you.

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