Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Questions About Blackberry White Screen With Lines

Donna asks…

my blackberry curve 8520 screen turned white?

my blackberry was on the flour infront of the door. some one opened the door and the bottom of the door went over the blackberry barly touching the screen and then when i picked it up the screen was all white with a little line of color on the left side
please help!!!!!!!!!!!! thanx

admin answers:

Why would you have you blackberry on the floor? Im glad it broke you dont need one go get a moto razor .

Mark asks…

Blackberry Screen broken but blackberry working?

I recently damaged my phone some how and it has a white screen but with pixelated lines. I thought it may be water damage so I put it in rice to soak up the moisture. Now, a week later I turn my phone on, I still have a broken screen but I heard my phone go off like crazy getting all the msgs. However, when I try to call my phone now, it does not work.

How much would it cost to replace the screen?
Is just the screen broken?
How can I find out what's wrong?
Why can't my phone recieve calls now?

admin answers:

The cable is broken,

you should take it to the fix store.

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Susan asks…

Help With My BlackBerry Curve 8520 Whitish Screen?

okay today my blackberry was working fine until i take it back out my pocket and i see the screen with a few white lines going through it on the left hand side and i don't know what to do any help please and i have also tried battery restart and it dos'nt make it go away plus i can see the screen still but not clearly due to the white lines going through it

admin answers:

Ok its either one of these two things:

1.) your phones screen from inside has damaged due to pressure and need a new screen. (to check if this is the case, press against the screen in different areas of the screen and see if the lines change etc)

2.) if it isnt answer number 1 then it is more likely the software problem in which case you can take it in to a phone shop and get it repaired for free under warranty.

By the sounds of it i think its answer one. (it isnt cheap to replace screen.

William asks…

Blackberry keeps reloading the restart screen! Help!?

My boyfriend has been having phone trouble with his Blackberry Curve 8530. He rebooted his phone because his phone requested that a reboot me done. He did a battery pull, the restart screen came up where the white line loads, and as soon as it loads, the clock comes up showing that it's being loaded, the LED light turns red, and then the reboot starts all over again, doing the exact same thing. We cannot get past that screen to do anything.

Hes left the battery out for a half hour, tried removing the memory card etc. What else can we do to try and fix this problem?

admin answers:

Hmmm, ok chances are the info on the unit is wiped. Sorry. Unless you did a data back up.
Ok this is what you do, when the line loads,and the clock comes up,click menu, set the time ,and by pass all the rest, then go back to pput your settings..try that.

Daniel asks…

Blackberry Curve Screen Broke?

How do I fix a BlackBerry Curve 8520 LCD screen? Okay, There are no cracks in my phone. What happened was I thought I put the phone in my purse and when I got out of my car and shut my door, the phone was hit by the door. I picked it up and the screen is white and has some black spots in the left corner. There are also colored lines. At first I reset my phone about 10 times. That didn't work so I tried to see if the phone was actually functioning. I had set the track pad to make noise when I moved it and that was working and then I tried to dial a number but the keys did not make sound when I typed on them. So, is it safe to assume my phone is functioning but the screen is broke/something wrong with it? Could someone send me a link to a (credible) site that sells BlackBerry parts? And If I got the LCD screen, do you think I could take it somewhere so they could replace it? Or would you recommend me fix it on my own? Please help me out. Thanks so much.

admin answers:

The first thing I would say is that you should not try to fix a phone on your own. The second thing is that you should not waste your money buying spare parts because if you do something wrong, which is very likely, you will just end up making things worse. Final thing is just to take it to a mobile shop, the most reliable is to take it to a proper network shop, eg T-Mobile, O2 etc rather than local run mobile repair shops. There is no point buying parts and then taking it to a shop because they can get the parts themselves and won't take your ones, so you're wasting your money.

To sum up: take it to a proper repair store and pay to get it fixed. The phone costs about £140 brand new, so think about getting it repaired or buying a new one, or an upgrade.

Good luck.

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