Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Bold 9700 Tmobile

James asks…

I have the Blackberry Bold 9700 with Tmobile without a data plan, but my wifi doesn't work?

I didn't purchase an additional data plan but the agent told me that Wifi works for free as long as it can connect to a network. My phone says I'm connected to the network but I can only check Yahoo Mail. When I try to browse other webpages, it leads to the page that tells me to go purchase a data plan. Please advise, thank you!

admin answers:

Under Browser Options - General Properties, select "Hotspot Browser" or "WIFI Browser" for Default Browser.
Also check the Options (from main menu, or "home" view) - Advanced Options - Browser, that you do have "Hotspot Browser" as the Default Browser Configuration.
Make sure you are connected to a WIFI router (WIFI Indicator lit), and try "Go to..." a known third party site like Yahoo!. Good luck.

Lizzie asks…

Would the Blackberry Bold 9700 for Tmobile work with jus Wifi at my House?

I dont want the 3G data plan since i have wireless internet in my house.
So would it work the same as my BB 8900?

admin answers:

The 9700 is wi-fi enabled.

David asks…

I have the Blackberry Bold 9700 and i am on tmobile pay monthly ...?

I have a blackberry bold on tmobile pay monthly and i would like to change networks but keep the phone i know i have to have to blackberry addon to use bbm and the other features but ive heard if i get my blackberry unlocked ill lose the bbm and app world is this true because on other phones all you have to do it type the settings on

Many Thanks

admin answers:

You can Change the Network.,..Yes It's Possible,You can also use BBM after change the Network..For Changing the Network,You need to Unlock the mobile,You can get the Unlock code here

Paul asks…

sidekick 09 vs. blackberry bold 9700 from tmobile?

I am thinking of getting a new phone. I have a blackberry 8900 right now but it lacks speed of the net. It is faster when I have a wifi connection but other then that its really slow. I am thinking of getting the new blackberry 9700 or maybe getting the new sidekick but then again I might hold off on the sidekick because im sure they will have on in 2010.

admin answers:

The bold, sks are getting outdated n kiddy and the trackball becomes a pain in the derriere.

Michael asks…

if i put my tmobile sidekick 2008 sim card into a blackberry bold 9700 will i still be able to text,internet,a?

i have a sidekick 2008 but i want to get a blackberry bold 9700 from tmobile but my dad does not want to switch my data plan, so if i buy a blackberry off of ebay and then i put my sidekick sim into the blackberry will i still be able to go on aim,use texting, internet, get apps, and etc. without upgradeing my plan?

admin answers:

No you will not....You will be able to make phone calls and text
Also no wifi data without the data package

the side kick plan is different than the BB data plan.

Your dad will have to call and have the proper data plan added

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