Sunday, February 5, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Curve 9330 Cases

Daniel asks…

Will a case for a blackberry curve 9300 fit a blackberry curve 9330?

Im totally in love with a case but its only for the 9300. I've been looking for it for so long and its only on one site and for that phone.
So will it fit?
Also if it doesnt then why? How are they different? I just cant find the difference..well since i only see it online.

admin answers:

It will fit.

The 9300 and the 9330 are identical in size.

Jenny asks…

Does blackberry curve 9300 housing work on the 9330?

So i bought a blackberry with a housing i do not like. So i wanted to change it i was wondering if the housing case on the curve 9300 is the same as the 9330?

admin answers:


They are identical in size and shape.

Joseph asks…

will a blackberry 9300 case fit on a blackberry 9330?

i reallyy love this case but it says its for blackberry models 9300, and i have a blackberry 9330.
Ive looked for this case for a while but i dont wanna get it if it wont fit. so will it fit? And whats the difference between the two models?
The link to the case is here

admin answers:

To answer your question, yes, it will fit.

The difference between the two devices is really just internal specs. The 9330 is the CDMA version of the 9300, which is a GSM phone. The 9330 has 512MB of RAM, and the 9300 has 256MB of RAM. Though the 9330 is the successor to the 9300, it has a 2 MP camera, which is worse than the 3.2 MP camera found on the 9300.

Hope I helped!

Carol asks…

I need to find a Juicy case for my blackberry 3g 9330?

Can someone give me a link of where to buy a Juicy Couture Case for my bb 9330? I want to order it online.
And is the case of a bb curve 8320 the same as a bb curve 9330? Does it fit?


admin answers:

I got rid of my blackberry case last month. Too bulky. I switched to these 2 weeks ago. You can change the look of your phone all the time. Http:// I love these things!

Not as chic as Juicy... But close!

I think you can get one for free on the website.

Nancy asks…

My phone case is stuck on my phone? Help?

So I bought this clear, hard plastic case for my Blackberry on eBay. It fits nicely and stuff but I can't take it off. O.o It's hard, does anyone know how I can take it off, without ruining it or anything? My mom says it is one of those that don't come off but seriously, I don't think it is. This is it anyway:

See, it says it's a snap on type but yeah it's really hard. I know this sounds like a dumb question but yeah. I've tried opening it gently, with force, etc etc and it's just ruining my nails. HELP!!!!

admin answers:

I would take a letter opener or a pencil or something sharp and try to seperate the two pieces. If that doesn't work, if you can seperate the case at the snaps a little, try to break it off. This has happened to me before but i used a letter opener and the case came right off. Good luck!

Also, look at this link!

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