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Your Questions About Blackberry Bold 9650 Review

George asks…

Blackberry bold 9650 on sprint, can it play videos?

I currently have a curve 8330 and am trying to decide whether to upgrade right now to the Bold 9650 or wait it out for something better to come out. Questions I have:
- Can the Bold 9650 play videos online (for example a music video on youtube)?
- How much better is the web browser than what i already have, i obviously know that it's faster, but I mean the way the browser looks, etc. Many webpages do not/will not load on my Curve 8330
- Is the upgrade great enough that I should make the switch now or wait for a better blackberry to come along?

Personal opinions would be great because I have watched review videos and none of them seem to answer my specific questions, especially the one of watching videos online. Please do not tell me to switch carriers because I can't. And please do not tell me to pick a different phone, I would like another Blackberry. Thanks so much!

admin answers:

The 8330 plays YT videos and surfs the web just fine as long as you keep your device maintained and up to date.

The 9650 will do the same.

A BB is similar to a computer. Keep it clean (software) and updated and it will work just fine.

Thomas asks…

Droid 2 or Blackberry Bold 9650?

I've seen other questions about this but I want a more updated and more "experienced" reply. I have the LG Voyager (which I loved until the inside screen cracked and went black) right now, and i'm due for an upgrade in a week or so. I've heard that the Droid 2 isn't very promising but people are choosing the Android OS over the Blackberry. They both come with the same deal which is buy 1 get 1 free, the Droid priced at 150$ and the Blackberry 100$. I am a touch screen user but I wouldn't mind using a track pad. I've heard many rumors about the Droid not being as promising as it sounds when it comes to battery life and "cheek dialing." Are these true, does the cheek accidentally dial the number if you hold it to tight or at a weird angle? I haven't read any bad reviews about the Bold though. Oh, and i'm only getting the 15$ data package plan for the phone, so I only have 150MB of web and email and what not. The thing is, Id rather have a a phone that is a "step back" if you know what I mean rather than a newer phone which isnt working as well as it should? I'd really appreciate any feedback from users of both phones, so I can get a good comparison between the two, because they are completely different OSs and I dont want to pick the wrong one. And if there is a phone like the "Blackberry Torch" that is coming out for verizon in the next month or so, I'd like to know about it, because I can totally wait for that. Thanks a lot!

admin answers:

It really depends what you use your phone for. If you love Apps, then Blackberry isn't the phone for you. It's a great phone (I have one) but it's only a great phone if you actually use it to work (I email A LOT) and calling and texting. It's not a "fun" gadget phone by any means, so if that's what you're looking for then I suggest not getting a Blackberry.

Linda asks…

Blakberry Curve 9330 or Blackberry Bold 9650?

I definitely want to get one of these phones. I've been looking into them and reading reviews but they say a lot of the same things. So i would like to hear other opinions before i make my final decision! Please help (:

admin answers:

Hey Airsoft, both the 9330 and 9650 are newer than your 9700.

The 9650 is better

The 9650 has a better camera (3.2 MP with flash vs 2.0 MP no flash)

The 9650 has a better display (480x360 vs 320x240)

The 9650 is a world phone the 9330 isn't

The 9650 is built better and looks nicer

Sandra asks…

Anyone care to give me a review of the verizon blackberry?

My contract just ended with verizon and I want a new phone. I've been thinking about getting a Blackberry but before I shell out the $30 a month I want to make sure its worth it. I want this phone mainly to text, bbm, go on facebook and occasionally surf the internet. I will not be downloading tons of apps. How long is the battery life (does it last a few hours or a few days). Is the internet really fast or will i be waiting 5 mins just for one page to load. Im looking into either the blackberry curve 8530, the blackberry tour 9630 or the blackberry bold 9650. Any information would be great.

admin answers:

The Blackberry is one of best smart phones out, I have the curve 8530 n the battery last a long, you can muti-task, the browser is good also

Maria asks…

Get Blackberry Tour or wait for Bold 9650(Tour 2)?

I'm switching to Verizon soon, and I was planning on getting the Tour. I've heard bad reviews about it - the trackball, no internal memory, no wifi. Than I heard the Tour 2 or bold 9650 is coming soon. I really need a new phone soon and since they've already delayed the bold 9650 before I don't know if I want to wait any longer before just getting the Tour. If I do decide to just go ahead and get the Tour would I be able to switch to the Bold 9650 if it comes out within 30 days for free? And if not, would you recommend me buying the tour or waiting?

admin answers:

FYI: All blackberry phones have internal memory. What they are referring to is a lack of it...

The Tour is definitely usable. It's bad reviews hail from it's comparison to the bold 9700 (which is awesome).

I would say that if you're switching real soon, like within a couple days or the week, to NOT rely on being able to switch to Tour 2/Bold. There is not guaranteed release date (as of now), which is to say it might not come out in 30 days. Grrrr verizon.

Case 1: Apathetic
If you don't care about the Tour 2 that much or absolutely LOVE the upgrades. Then get the Tour, there are many happy users.

Case 2: Addict
If you are wishy washy about the Tour 1 and really really want the Tour 2 (like me). I would wait (if possible) to sign up, otherwise suck it up and follow Case 1.

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