Friday, February 3, 2012

Your Questions About Blackberry Bold 9650 Battery

Paul asks…

What is the longest lasting battery for the 9650 Blackberry bold?

Just got one, hooked it up with an otterbox, privacy screen, lcd cover, 8gb flash, i want the LONGEST lasting battery, can someone provide a link? Any other upgrades I should get to make this a work horse?

admin answers:

Check out at amazon there are really good deals going

you can visit below link you can find more options here :

Susan asks…

how do you reboot a blackberry bold 9650 without removing the battery?

admin answers:

Try Alt+Cap+Backspace or Alt+Cap+Delete

Daniel asks…

How to save battery power on Blackberry Bold 9650?

I just recently got a Blackberry Bold 9650 and it's my first blackberry. I'm still getting the run of the things but so far I like it. There's just one huge problem. The battery is terrible. Even on days when I use the phone minimally, the battery lasts about 20 hours. I dont like to shut my phone all the way off and I also dont like to leave it charging all night.

Does anyone know a way to save battery life? I am new to Blackberry so instructions on how to access certain features would be helpful. Thanks!

admin answers:

Most smartphones now days you have to charge them every night, but try the following steps:

1. Lower screen brightness
2.under connections go and turn off while u r not going to use it: wi-fi, and data.

This should give you an extra 15% boost in your battery life.

Richard asks…

does the blackberry bold have the same battery cover as the blackberry curve 8520 ?

i found a hello kitty battery cover. but the description says the blackberry curve 8520.
but i'm getting the blackberry bold 9650 . do they have the same size batter cover ?

admin answers:

Nope, the clips are very different.

Betty asks…

The difference between Blackberry bold 9650 and 9630?

As far as size?

Will a blackberry 9630 faceplate or battery cover fit the 9650?

Are they the same size?

admin answers:

The Tour is .01" thicker than the 9650 but they can use the came case.

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