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Questions About Blackberry Torch 2 Att

Robert asks…

att "upgrade" with blackberry torch?

i want to buy this and it asks me if i have an upgrade (49.99) or no contract(499.99) and i clicked 49.99, so i can just get the phone shipped to me, unlocked and i save 350.00, correct or no?

admin answers:

The $49 price is if you want to extend your contact for 2 years. You must have a contract already and you must be eligible for a new phone (meaning you have had your current phone 2 years with AT&T), otherwise you pay $499.99.

Sandra asks…

Should I get the Blackberry Bold, Torch or wait for Torch 2?

Torch 2 is rumored to come out in August for ATT I've never had a blackberry before so can someone recommend which is best?
I hear the bold is the most heavy duty but the camera is only 3.2 mp, the paint on the torch chips easily and the Torch 2 OS 7 is supposedly buggy and not as good as people expect but both Torchs have 5 MP cameras so please help
Lol Alana that doesn't really make me feel good about the torch if you had two that broke

admin answers:

I'd get the Torch . I have one & I got it when it first came out . The first one broke within a week , it had the BlackBerry symbol and a red dot flashing continually . The second one's music player broke & wouldn't turn on after about 3 months . I'm currently on the third one and hope that nothing will happen to it :3

Long story short , you'll have to wait awhile for the Torch 2 to become glitchless . Good luck ! :)

Sharon asks…

att early upgrade 2 months?

i've been with att since 1995 (when they were cingular)
I currently have blackberry torch, and a family member has a upgrade coming june 10.
Will att let me use the upgrade now (2 months early) for an iphone 4 and pay around $199 for it?

admin answers:

No. An early upgrade will cost you an additional $200.

David asks…

Which to pick...Iphone 4 or Blackberry Torch?

Im due for an upgrade with ATT...have a Pantech Slate now an love it. Iv had that over 2 years and have droppd it in water about 10 times and on the cement dozens. Ready for a change and cant decide between Blackberry Torch and Iphone....Any helpful advice would help. Thanks

admin answers:

Firstly ask yourself what is there in blackberry that iPhone doesn't have?

If you don't get any answer then atleSt this will help you

NOTE: I'll just talk about iPhone because it is the best

1st point - iPhone is going to replace blackberry so you can expect the market of blackberry to go low soon.For evidence just google "iPhone replacing blackberry"

2nd point - did you know that no phone in the history of phones have had applications over 2million which iPhone has ? And the average growth of applications is 20 per hour

3rd point - every programmer and developer has an application of iPhone.all the leading game companies like ea , I'd , marvel , and many others have a number of games particularly made for iPhone. Ex - nfs undercover, nfs shift , nfs hot persuit , sim city , spiderman , call of duty , brothers in arms , shrek

iPhone 4 has hd movie recording with a 5mp awesome camera.
IPhone 4 has front VGA camera for video call s and chats
iPhone 4 has retina display ( the texture quality and resolution is very high and for a Perot you can glare at the screen for a long time until you look stupid but still you can't find a single pixel.)

The quality of images and videos played on iPhone is too good.

Battery life has been improved alot ,

The front and the back side of iPhone is scratch proof because of the lithium coating that make it hard and acts like a screen guard.

IPhone has got very interactive games which involve you to shake the device and tilt it to make left or right moves in car games , games also involve blowing in the speaker to stop the balloons from falling , some games involve shaking and covering your device on top like "shake it"

Well iPhone is not a phone but a piece of excellence :-)

Try comparing with with a blackberry . I had an iPhone 3G and I sold it to buy iPhone 4 and I'm typing all this from my new iPhone 4

I love it and so will you

Susan asks…

Stuck in a 2 year phone contract?

Okay so i have a blackberry torch and it has so many problems and the one i have now is the 4th one and i got the phone on July 1st. I would like to buy an Apple iPhone 4s so i went online and it says $200.00 soi was talking to my mom about it and she thinks its only if your starting a new att account. So can i by a new phone or no?

admin answers:

That price is if you start a new contract or renewing your contract. If you are still in your 2 yr and want a new phone, you will be paying a higher price(full retail).

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