Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Video Format Supported

Donna asks…

What format of videos does the Verizon Blackberry 8130 (pearl) support?

I've tried converting them to everything i can think of..mpeg-4, avi, .mp4 but nothing seems to work on my phone! can some shed some light please!?
are you sure this includes VERIZON blackberry pearls? BEcause im pretty sure i tried that already...a long time ago today and it didnt work...i;ll try again...but i don think it'll work
yup- avi doeS not work

admin answers:

AVI video format

Richard asks…

Blackbery Video Format Help?

Hi, made a couple nice videos on my blackberry tour. I put my san disk memory card into the computer and for some reasont i cant view them because its not supported. Ive tried formating the videos using Format Factory but it fails to decode. What should i do . Thanks

admin answers:

Usually vidoes play with 3PG formats on cell phones. If you don't already, I suggest you get Hamster Converter. It's 100% free. And no, no gimmicks, premium crap. Free.

All you do there after getting it is take the video and convert it into 3PG format(If it's not 3pg then it's 3gp one way or the other, but nothing to be confused with by others. )

I am sure it'll work.

~Miku Marmalade has spoken.

Ruth asks…

I want to convert .Avi videos to play on my blackberry curve?

, what do i convert them to and what can i use that is free?? Any of the videos on my computer that i try to just copy and put in my video file wont play on my blackberry. it says format not supported or error!

admin answers:

Try Wondershare BlackBerry Converter Suite. It is a professional BlackBerry converter suite program that can convert DVD movies and regular video files for playback on BlackBerry Phone with high output quality and fast conversion speed.
You can follow this step by step guide:
Top review DVD to BlackBerry Converter Suite:
Some info you can get from:

Michael asks…

Blackberry 8120 (T-Mobile)?

Can you watch videos that could be uploaded to the MicroSD card? and if so, what software is needed? and also, is the screen size decent enough to watch the video? What video format does it support? What converter should I use?

If you could answer any of these, it would be greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

Yes you Can the software i use is called Aimersoft for Blackberry And it Works great i have the paid version but they have a free version and yes it decent enough to watch here the link to the aimersoftware http://download.cnet.com/Aimersoft-BlackBerry-Converter-Suite/3000-2140_4-10724966.html If need more help you can email me at tom73376@gmail.com

John asks…


i just got the blackberry 9900 bold , i was wondering what video format it supports :S , i want to put tv shows like two and a half men and stuff , their formats is mp4 but it ddnt work :S

admin answers:

The official site has this information:

Video formats: .mp4, .m4a, .3gp, .m4v, .avi, .asf, .wmv

Maybe you are encoding it in a different codec than what the cellphone uses.

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