Sunday, February 5, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Wont Turn On White Screen

Donald asks…

why does my blackberry have a white screen and a timer when i turn it on?

i turned on my blackberry last night, and it came up as a white screen with a timer. I usually get this for only a few minutes then it comes up as my home screen however it still has the white screen from last night and wont turn off or go back to the home screen.
any ideas why?

admin answers:

Take the battery out and put it back in, then let it re-boot itself.

Daniel asks…

my blackberry pearl wont turn on- there was only a white screen that appeared so i took the battery out...?

now it wont turn back on
what do i do??

admin answers:

Take it to the store you can probably get a replacement if the censor in the back of the phone is still white

Laura asks…

my blackberry pearl 8100 wont turn on all I get is a white screen and a battery with a blue lighting bolt?

admin answers:

Leave your USB plugged and charging for a few hours, and then with the USB still plugged, remove the battery and reinsert it. See if boots up and leave it charging longer, to 100%. Also, don't ever let your batter charge fall below 15%.

Hope this helps!

Michael asks…

wont charge & white screen wit battery with lightening bolt?

yeah so i just got my blackberry 8330 curve back from my mom and it wont charge its stays on a white screen with a battery and a lightening bolt when i have it plug in. i charged it for about 5 hours and then i unplug it and the red light comes on at the top for a few then shuts off. i try to turn on and its flashes then back off

admin answers:

Battery might just be bad -

Contacts with Battery and Phone are Dirty - use rubbing alcohol and QTip and wipe metal parts of battery and metal parts of phone

Contacts with Charger are dirty - With Phonbe Unplugged, wipe contacts of charger with alchol and Qtip and then wipe area and metal where charger plugs in.

Good Luck

Joseph asks…

why wont my blackberry 8520 turn on?

i have a blackberry 8520 and it recently ran out ov battery and turned itself off.. i plugged the charger in and left it too charge oover night... ever since it turns on to the white screen with the clock in the centre but stays on that screen all the time.. it hasnt crashed as the clock continues to go round.. i have treid both hard and soft reset but it doesnt seem to solve the problem

admin answers:

Plug your phone into the charger

Take the battery out of the phone with it still plugged in

Wait 3 minutes and put the battery back in with it still plugged in

Do not touch any keys for at least an hour and let it charge

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  1. i have a blackberry curve. i got it from a friend's mom. it was dead when i recieved it. i plugged it into my computer to let it charge. the screen goes white and the red light comes on at the top, but that's it. i left it plugged up for three hours and took it off the charger, and tried to turn it on, but i got nothing. any ideas?

    also, the hardware doesn't show up on my computer when i plug it in via usb. it makes the dinging noise when i plug it into the computer, but it doesnt show up.