Friday, February 3, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Tour Battery

Charles asks…

Blackberry tour battery problems?!?

I have a blackberry tour, that will charge ALL night and yet last only about 1 hour away from charger. It will immediately die during a phone call or on the web. I've tried upgrade, pulling out the battery, deleting memory storage yet it's only gotten worse. Also it will die when its just sitting in my purse. Please help on any suggestions. D;

admin answers:

Get a new battery on eBay.

Maria asks…

Blackberry Tour Battery Problem!?

My Blackberry Tour went through the wash 3 days ago. I went through many procedures to try and save it. I waited until today to turn it back on. It will not turn on, and the light does not come on when I connect it to the charger. Is the phone fried, or could it possible be damage to the battery???
I've also plugged it it without the battery inside, and the LED does not activate...

I've also put it in a bowl of rice for 3 days

admin answers:

Might still be water inside that create a short circuit. Would suggest to put your cell phone in a bag of rice for about a 5 days to a week. The rice will help absorb all humidity. Then try again.

I think a company like Batteries Plus ( ) could help you diagnose if indeed the battery is damaged. They may have a store near you.

Nancy asks…

Does the Verizon Wireless Blackberry Tour's battery last a day?

I am getting the Blackberry Tour in a few weeks and I was just curious about the battery life. As long as it lasts for a day I'm good. :-)

admin answers:

A BlackBerry's battery should last anywhere from 14-21 days on standby, or 4-6 hours if you're actively talking on it continually.

Michael asks…

Blackberry tour battery life?

Okay so i purchased a phone from telus 2 weeks ago now( the blackberry tour) and i have taken back once already for this problem. My phone did not hold a charge for a day i would leave for school at 8:30 text my friends and by noon my phone was at 50% which i thought was dumb so i called and they tried telling me it was normal. Which i found was rediculous so i took it to where i bought it and they gave me a new battery. The problem wasnt as bad but my old phone i had to charge twice a week i need to charge this new phone once a day. I find it really odd that the batery life is this bad with the black berry tour. I had an hour long conversation on the phone at75% battery once i got off the phone it was 40% so im just wondering if its not normal because if not i will just take it back to telus and they said they would swap the phone for me.

admin answers:

That's normal (ha, didn't want to hear that, did you?).

Try dropping the brightness down to a minimum. Remember to switch the radio connection from Global to 1XEV and switch from GPS to E911; you'll get a lot better mileage out of each charge.

If you Google something like "blackberry tour battery life", you'll get more info than you'll know what to do with.

William asks…

Does the verizon blackberry bold use the same battery as the verizon blackberry tour?

admin answers:

All BBs do not use the same battery but the Tour and the Bold do.

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