Friday, February 3, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Os

Sharon asks…

How can I change the BlackBerry 8320 OS to a multilingual version?

I'm looking how to change my BlackBerry OS to a multilingual (spanish) version. I've been looking online and have found OS versions for 8320 specifically, but none for multilingual. However, I've seen 8310 and 8300 versions that are multilingual, and I'm wondering if those are OK to install if there's no multilingual OS for 8320. Thanks!

admin answers:

Oh, you could have a check to the Official forum, select the series name of your phone, and there are lots of people discussing, you may find your answer there.


Lizzie asks…

How to change my blackberry OS back to OS 5 from OS6 of my blackerry pearl 9105?

How to change my blackberry OS back to OS5 from OS6 of my blackerry pearl 9105?
I updated my phone 1-2 months ago!
I love OS6 the features are awesome but there is this battery problem I have to charge my phone after every 4-5hrs! But when it was running in OS5 there was no problem!

admin answers:

I had the same problem when I first got my bold and I solved it by changing the Lighting settings. The level of your backlight brightness can considerably drain down your battery a lot faster.
Go to options, screen Display, then scroll down to "Backlight Brightness" Id suggest you set it down to 20, also reduce the backlight timeout to 10 seconds or less, then save.

In case this doesn't work for you and you still want to downgrade you can use your blackberry Desktop Software that you should first install on our computer.
Open your software and connect your blackberry using a USB cable
Click "Device", then click "Update" , This message box will pop up "There are no Blackberry Device Software updates available"
Look at the bottom left of that message box and click on "View Other Versions"

You will see a list of previous blackberry versions.
Click on one of them and follow instructions.

Susan asks…

How can I wipe and reinstall the os on a Blackberry pearl 8120?

My phone is unlocked from 02 UK but I use it in a network in Puerto Rico, where I live. The network I am on is Claro Puerto Rico.

If I need special software to erase the Blackberry please provide download links.

Where can I download Blackberry os for a new install, not just an update.

Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

To answer your questions

You should not need any new software to wipe your blackberry. Here is a nice post discussing the topic at

Links to any required software are included.

As for your os, the same os is used whether you are installing it from scratch or doing an update so no worries there.

Here is the link for the latest os from Claro

William asks…

I have an old red blackberry curve and i was wondering if theres any hacks to get the new blackberry OS on it?

The new blackberry curves have a new OS which offers a blackberry store and much more and i have the older blackberry and i was going to try and mod it to run the new OS. Is there anything out there like this?

admin answers:


Donna asks…

When will blackberry OS 6 be available to download?

I have a blackberry curve 8520 version 5, and I want to upgrade to version 6 (OS 6) but when I check for updates on my phone there are none available, so does anyone know when it will be available to download?

admin answers:

The 8520 cannot run OS 6.

OS 6 requires a minimum of 256 MB of device memory but the 8520 only has 128 MB.

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