Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Torch 2 Verizon

Sandra asks…

Can i unlock Torch and use with Verizon Storm 2 sim?

Hey people,
I have the Blackberry Storm 2 with Verizon and a friend of mine has the at&t Torch, and we were wondering if both of us unlock our phones, can i use his Torch with my Verizon sim card, and can he use my Storm2 with his at&t sim card.
Thanx :]

admin answers:

No. Your Verizon sim does not get Verizon service. It's there so you can access GSM service outside the US. Verizon will not allow non-Verizon-branded phones to be activated on its network.

On the other hand, if unlocked, your Storm 2 can be used with an AT&T sim.

Mark asks…

What Verizon phone should I get?

my upgrade is in december/january. what phone should i get for verizon? i want a QWERTY keyboard and 3G. I was thinking either the DROID 2 or the BlackBerry Bold. which of those should i get? no doubt if an iPhone for Verizon comes out i will get that or if the BlackBerry Torch comes out.

admin answers:

I'd take a palm.
When palm sold, like ALL the mobile companies (well, not all, but loads) tried to buy it, including Apple, Blackberry (i think) and others. HP won, though. Clearly, blackberry were not so happy - they just made a phone, the blackberry torch that pretty much copies the pre, one of palm's phones)
The Pixi and Pre are, i am guessing the best to own, both QWERTY and touchscreen. I think Palm has a non touchscreen, (the treo? Not that sure). If they don't have 3G they have WiFi, either way there is internet. Which is very nice. All those who own the Pre (nearly!) say they simply adore it and would never, ever go back - some have complained about the poor battery, however palm conqered the fear with a touchstone charger - a nice, portable dock that charges your phone.
I recommend Palm.

Steven asks…

Why is Verizon the best?

I currently have MetroPCS and I want to convince my parents to switch to Verizon.
What can I tell them to make them say yes?
Why is Verizon the best?
The only reason we have MetroPCS is because there are no contracts, but the phones suck.
If I do end up getting Verizon, which phone is the best?
These are the qualities needed-
- Touch screen
- Slide out QWERTY keyboard (not like the blackberry torch)
- Web
- High Tech
- Not more than $100 with the 2 year contract
Guys, I didn't ask for you to disagree with me.....
LG Ally
Motorola Devour????

admin answers:

Couple of reasons: The coverage in the area where you live may be better on Verizon than on Metro PCS. Secondly, Metro PCS is a regional carrier where Verizon is a national carrier when traveling around the country you'll get hit with roaming fees where that you'll won't get with Verizon.

Daniel asks…


ok my aunty just got a blackberry torch and she wanted me to put her favorite song, bruno mars just the way you are, on as her ringtone. i sent the mp3 file via bluetooth via my iMac but i have no clue how to set it as ringtone. and how do u know if it is fake. IF SHE'D ONLY GET THE IPHONE!!!!! and can the torch use 2 sim cards cuz she wants to know if it is fake. looks real to me. it all started when i told her the best phone to get was an iPhone. so she went out and got one ( NOT FROM APPLE OR VERIZON ) and it turned out to be a fake iphone MADE IN CHINA not ASSEMBLED IN CHINA. so i guess she got angry and bought the torch. it doesn't even have a proper touchscreen its like a touchpad unlike Ipod touch, Iphone, Ipad, Ipod nano.

admin answers:


Robert asks…

Verizon upgrade, which would be best?

I'm deciding between the LG Revolution, Blackberry Torch, HTC Trophy. The Revolution is 4 1/2 stars. The Blackberry is 5 starts and the Trophy is also 4 1/2 stars. I'm buying off of the internet so the Trophy has a $100 discount, but the others are just the 2 year upgrade. What would you guys recommend and why? thankks :)

admin answers:

IPhone FTW!

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