Saturday, February 4, 2012

Questions About Blackberry World

James asks…

Do you need to have a Blackberry to download the Blackberry World App?

I'm decided which cell phone to buy and I'm considering the Blackberry. I wanted to download the World App to see what apps are available to see if it is worth it. But it said something about a USB not being connected.

admin answers:

Hahh, yeah.

Sandra asks…

can you use a sprint unlocked blackberry world phone with verizon?

i just got an unlocked sprint blackberry world edition phone but i have verizon service. can i use it there?

admin answers:

No reason why not.

Chris asks…

how can i log into whatsapp without going through blackberry app world?

New to the blackberry world. Is there a way I can get icons on my menu?

admin answers:

Hey i don't think their is any way to log into directly it's like a gate pass unless you show your password you can't enter. You can do one thing you can use id and password of some friend. If you don't want to give your's

Lizzie asks…

How can I use my Blackberry World Edition in Europe?

I have a Blackberry World, now signed up with Bell. Is there any way I can use it in Europe without paying Bell's crazy $2/min fee? Can I use a local SIM card? Do I need to get it unlocked? How does that work?

admin answers:

Since that is a hybrid phone cdma for N America, GSM for Europe, I really not sure if its possible to unlock the GSM portion, it might be a "mission impossible" for that phone
Since your in Canada, give GSM Liberty a call
They are located in Canada and are unlockers, they would be able to tell you 100 percent yes or no

Nancy asks…

How do I put videos on my new Blackberry World Edition Phone?

I just got a Blackberry World and need help putting videos on. annnnnyone know how?!

admin answers:

Heres a link to some free trial software, hope it helps

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