Friday, February 3, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Virgin Mobile Internet

Sharon asks…

My Virgin mobile blackberry doesn't have BB app world pre-installed?

And for some reason I can't get on the browser its talking about Wi-Fi, and im not trying to use the Wi-Fi I just want to use the regular virgin mobile internet service, like i did with my old phone! Please help i have no idea what to do and its getting rather annoying!

admin answers:

Have you got the monthly blackberry data plan added, if not call virgin and they will add it so you can use all services. If bb app world doesnt appear after adding data plan and when your browser is working type in search on your phone, "blackberry apps world download" and you can install it yourself.

Carol asks…

Mobile internet won't work - Blackberry on Virgin?

Recently the internet on my phone (ie, browser, facebook and twitter apps, blackberry app world etc) has just been refusing to work. I've got a Blackberry Curve and I'm on Virgin network with a contract that should give me unlimited Internet. Any ideas?

admin answers:

Have you also got the £5 a month blackberry data plan to enable you to use all blackberry services like apps etc. If not call virgin to add it.

Susan asks…

Blackberry using virgin mobile won't connect to their internet...?

So I just "swapped" my phone about 3 hours ago, and i have the beyond talk plan so the internet worked on my other phone, but I don't know why when I click on the browser on the BB, it says "This is a Wi-Fi service. Please ensure your device has an active WI-Fi connection and then try again." Does anyone know why I can't just use Virgin mobile and not my own Wi-fi in my house?!


admin answers:

Have you downloaded the virgin mms/ wap settings?

Contact virgin or use their online service to get them sent to your phone.

David asks…

Can you use the internet on a blackberry curve if you are on virgin mobile?

admin answers:

Which Virgin Mobile are you referring to? Canada, India, USA, UK, France, South Africa or Australia? I can only speak for VMUSA.
The answer for USA is no. No other phone but VMUSA phones can be used on the VMUSA network.They have it locked down and there are no outside phones allowed. They do not have Blackberries at all at this time. Nor can you run one on their network. VM is international but none of the companies in each respective country have anything in common with the other VMs but name only. They are all independently owned and operated.

Sprint bought out VMUSA last month. Things will change. Maybe they will allow outside phones in the future. As for the UK, France, S.Africa and Australian VMs, you can run most unlocked gsm sim card phones on their networks. India, Canada and USA all use non sim cdma technology so cannot use outside phones.

Chris asks…

Intercept or blackberry on virgin mobile?

I currently have an lg rumor touch. I love it, but I want to be able to use the internet more flawlessly, listen to music and have apps which i cannot currently. I am leaning more toward the intercept since i don't want to pay the extra 10 dollars a month, however BBM is appealing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

I used to have the lg rumor touch and i know how you feel, i would go for the samsung intercept, that's what i got and the android market has many many apps and there's a lot of free stuff and it comes with a music application and a 2g memory card which can hold a lot of songs, in the end why pay and extra $10 when you could get the samsung intercept

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