Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Your Questions About Blackberry Bold

Ruth asks…

Blackberry Bold.....?

Is Tmobile going to have the Blackberry Bold? and if they are going to have it, when is it coming out? I really want it before christmas. Which do you prefer, the blackberry bold or the blackberry storm? I think i prefer the bold but what do you think?

Cingular has the bold?
nevermind..cingular is at&t...and i have tmobile and i dont want to switch

admin answers:

No they are not.
You would have to buy it full price (eeeee, like 5, 6 hundred dollars)
from AT&T and unlock it which is (eee, another 50 at least)

switch to cingular! I have the bold right now and couldn't be happier. Got it for only 299$

Thomas asks…

blackberry bold.....?

does anyone know how much the verizon blackberry bold is if you are eligible for an upgrade?

admin answers:

It is $100 (after rebate with a new 2 year contract), minus any equipment discount that you might have on your account

Ken asks…

Blackberry bold??????????

what is the total price of a blackberry bold and tell me what were the things that cost ! and what are the features thankyou soooo much!

admin answers:

Not sure, but has all the information on all their phones..


Carol asks…


I just saw the new blackberry bold commercial and it was so awesome!!..i cant wait until it comes out(im a crackberry addict if you havent noticed)...A friend of mine got his hands on the new bberry storm, and it to is also awesome, but im not that excited over touch screen devices whats because i have a itouch.... your review on it...the new bold that is???

admin answers:

I bet the bold is like a "summary" of all the other blackberries (i haven't seen the commercial) and i have a blackberry pearl and i don't think it has a touch pad-i don't like touches pads because i put my phone in my pocket and it might make me call yeah---i think it would be totally cool!! :] hope i helped :]

William asks…

blackberry BOLD???

does anyone know when the blackberry bold is going to be coming out?

admin answers:

The blackberry bold will be released the 3rd quarter of this year. In other words look for it in Sepetember-November.

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