Thursday, February 9, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Voicemail

Steven asks…

Blackberry Voicemail?

I set up my blackberry's voicemail, and I call it and it asks what my temporary password is. One problem, I dont remember it. I thought I did, but it says its wrong, so it must be. Is there the same temporary password they always used, if so what is it. Or, is there a way to call my phone provider and ask about it. Thanks for the help.

admin answers:

Did you try the last four of your social security number?

The last four of your mobile number??

If so and its not that then call your provider they should text you a temp one then you go into your mb and change it. No problem.

Daniel asks…

How to turn off LED notification light on Blackberry when voicemail is received?

When I get a new voicemail, the LED light blinks on my Blackberry Bold 9700. Is there any way tp turn that off? I checked under nptification settings and it only shows options for visual voicemail... help?

admin answers:

Sorry, you can't turn it off, it really sucks!
But if you want to change the color on blackberry appworld you can download Who is it? Or BeBuzz. Lot's of LED colors; including over 5 disco ones.

Charles asks…

Problems with blackberry torch voicemail?

I'm having problems with the voicemail on my blackberry torch. I have set it up multiple times but still when people call it just keeps ringing and then stops, never going to voicemail. Any suggestions?


admin answers:

Hi.It could be a setting that customer care has to fix or even tech support.Call in to either of those places.

William asks…

How many messages can be left on a blackberry voicemail before its full?

admin answers:

Well, i think it's 100

Lisa asks…

Blackberry help with voicemail password?

Does anyone know what the default password is for BlackBerry voicemail (with Bell) the first tiem you set up your voicemail? I'v enever used my voicemail and I have a message but the computer voice says to enter my default password...and I don't know what that is! I've tried 1234 and 9999 but those don't work. Any ideas? Thanks to all those who answer.

admin answers:

The default password for any phone would be the one you picked on your phone. Lets say you picked 1234, that is your default password. Hope i helped!

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