Sunday, February 5, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Vs Iphone Email

Charles asks…

iPhone vs. BlackBerry-style?

What should I get? An iPhone or a BlackBerry style phone (are they called PDA's?) Does the iPhone have the same features of a BlackBerry? email, GPS, camera...? And how about the web capabilities of either?

Help me understand my choice! Thanks!

admin answers:

IPhone has push email,GPS,Camera, hundreds of applications and iPod. Blackberry doesn't have even half of the features that iPhone has. IPhone has application store where you can download free application as per your need. The quality of Application for iPhone is amazing. You can install voice recorder, Live TV, Unit Converter,picture editor, Morph 123 and many console like games. The multi gesture Touch screen also makes iPhone an exciting gadget. Navigating through application was never so easy before the advent of iPhone. IPhone makes everything so interesting and easy.
IPhone also has capability to access your computer over Wi-Fi. There are many financial application available for iPhone. IPhone is a revolution be a part of it.

Laura asks…

BlackBerry vs. Iphone?

I know people have a lot of options on this but I have to know. What do you prefer and why?

I know iphone has great apps and music and bla bla bla but I believe BB has the same. And I know for a fact BB has better email and BBM and better service (AT&T sucks).

What do you guys prefer about BlackBerry or iphone?

admin answers:

Blackberry big time!!!:)

Carol asks…

Iphone vs. blackberry?

Multiple questions, answer as many or few as you can, thanks in advance!

Is 16 GB Iphone enough for someone that has 1,800 songs?

For those of you that use iphone, did you get used to the typing?

Does the iphone notify you of emails like the blackberry does? I know it doesn't do the light, but does it have the symbol?

Any downside to the iphone?

Thoughts on whether or not I should switch from blackberry curve to iphone?

admin answers:

I have just got the 4s.

Fantastic phone. It currently has 700 songs, taking up 6.5gb

it also has games and apps taking up less than half a gb.

The typing is easy. Even my 8 year old can do it!

I haven't sorted out the emails yet, but i believe it does the email direct thing. Not one of my priorities.

Downside? If you sit there at work playing angry birds all day, the battery goes flat pretty fast.

I only know one person with a blackberry and he is waiting for his contract to end so he can get the iphone.

Susan asks…

Blackberry vs. iPhone?

Hey there...
Looking to get either a blackberry or iphone...
I LOVE music, check facebook, send a few emails and take pictures. I was thinking the iPhone, but have been hearing great things about the Blackberry as well..
what are your thoughts?

admin answers:

IPhone > Blackberry

George asks…

Apple iPhone vs. Blackberry Bold?

Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone has had both the Blackberry and the Apple iPhone. I currently have the Blackberry Pearl and love it. Of course I'm waiting for the new Blackberry Bold to come out but I'm also seeing that Apple iPhone is coming out with a 3G phone. I love Blackberry for it's instant email to my phone. Does the iPhone do the same thing or do you actually have to go into your email and check to see if you have any? Also, I'm loving the fact that there's basically an iPod in the iPhone. Would the new Blackberry Bold have the same thing? I'm just curious to know if anyone can comment that has experience in both of these great phones and which phone you would prefer and why. Thanks

admin answers:

Depends on what you want. If you want a more business oriented device, then go for the BB as it has a fully qwerty keyboard. Not to mention you get exchange support, full email, and built gps(depending on the model) If you want a more multimedia oriented device then the iphone may fit your needs as it comes in up to 16gb(at this point of time) of space. Then again the BB does have a SD card slot so you are only limited only based on the number of cards you have or what ever the largest card is out on the market at that point in time.

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