Sunday, February 12, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Vs Iphone

Ken asks…

I was just wondering about the whole blackberry Vs Iphone?

If iphones are so great why dont you see celebrities with iphones. It seems like all of them have a blk berry.. Just wondering
well im talking about on tv shows they all are using blackberries then i was lookin on the internet and they showed a whole lot of celebrities with blkberries

admin answers:

IPhones are great for playing games, listening to music, email, surfing the web, etc. In other words its for people who have lots of time to screw around on their phone. Its time that celebrities simply do not have on a daily basis and when they do, they're not spending it on their phones.

Blackberries on the other hand are great at managing contacts, emails, texting, scheduling/calendar and various other bits without getting in your way. Blackberries are also known for their security, even at the consumer level.

I've had many opportunities to buy an iPhone and personally they are awesome devices. But I simply just don't have the time to make full use of the iPhone and its awesome features.

The iPhone is for the "I have time to screw around on my phone" kind of user.

Paul asks…

What is the cost of a monthly plan for a Blackberry vs an iPhone?

I would have the $30 data plan either way, but I would also want unlimited txt and about 200 minutes per month.
I would have the $30 data plan either way, but I would also want unlimited txt and about 200 minutes per month. If I got a Blackberry it would be Verizon

admin answers:

They're the same price. The basic plan is 450 minutes (that's the least available) and the data plan. It's $70/month plus fees and taxes. Unlimited texting is $20/month for a total of $90/month before taxes.

Mandy asks…

iphone vs blackberry which is the better phone?

is the blackberry the better phone? or is it the iphone? explain why.

admin answers:

I say the blackberrry because u had an i phone but it kept freezing and shut off and they said that alot have been doing that so i turned it in for a blackberry and it hasnt frozen or anything yett and iv had it for about 5..6..7 soo monthss!

George asks…

Blackberry vs. Iphone? Which is better if I already have an Ipod touch 2g?

I will use Internet a lot, email, etc.
FYI, I got the IPhone yesterday, and so far so good.

admin answers:

BLACKBERRY PEARL ALL THE WAY Iphones suck when it comes to call quality and they overheat

Laura asks…

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an iphone vs blackberry?

admin answers:

They are entirely different phones in both concept and functionality. The BlackBerry is oriented toward a business phone with fast and secure communications, a business suite, instant email, and BlackBerry messenger for anytime anywhere BlackBerry to BlackBerry chat.

The BlackBerry 3G touch-screen phone, Storm, the one most often compared with an iPhone also has a camera and full multimedia capability. The real difference is on the plans associated with each phone. The BlackBerry is an internet phone, not an ordinary phone that can use WiFi (when available) to connect to the internet. As such is is only available with an unlimited internet plan that allows browsing, email, most IM apps and things like Facebook, MySpace, and Flickr as well as full GPS navigation capability.

It comes back to choice, a business phone or a playphone. I have both and far prefer the BlackBerry, it is faster texting or writing email, and has better battery life as well as the push (instantly received) email function.

Choose wisely

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