Friday, February 10, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Wallpaper Download

Joseph asks…

i just got a blackberry 8700c. how do i download wallpaper,ringtones, and games from

i do have fully working internet service, when i go click download for this wallpaper it just askes to open with or save 2...WAT DO I DOOO ??
how do i transfer it to my memory card?

admin answers:

Its a jpg file. I went to the link to see what you were talking about. Its trying to save to picture to your PC. So when it asks to open with, it wants you to choose something like windows photo gallery etc. When it wants to save its asking you where to save it on your PC. Typically it will be user pictures, or downloads..

Then you can transfer it to your memory card. Or you can just save it right to your memory card by going to mobile. Which is I believe.

Maria asks…

hi all, where can I download blackberry 8900 wallpapers?

Need help, show me sites to download blackberry 8900 wallpapers

admin answers:

Here you can get it. Many references there. Just check it out

Susan asks…

Where's the best place to download blackberry bold wallpapers?

admin answers:

Loads at the BB forum, particularly this thread ... Http://

Linda asks…

How can I make my own Iphone and laptop wallpaper for others to download?

How is this done?

How can I make a wallpaper for my mobile, iphone., blackberry or iphone and then how can I make it available for other people to download?

How can I make it compatable with all mobiles etc?

admin answers:

Try zedge

Lisa asks…

Where can I get "Lost" wallpaper for my Blackberry phone? I tried Cingular, but it wont let me download it.

admin answers:

You can probably go to There is an option for wall paper there.

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