Monday, February 6, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Curve 9360

Ken asks…

I need information about the BlackBerry Curve 9360 camera?

Hey everyone...So i heard that the BlackBerry Curve 9360 has a 5 MP camera that has flash, but i don't like taking pictures of myself with the flash on, so i was just wondering, does anybody know if there's an option to take the flash off?

admin answers:

Yes, you can turn the flash on and off.

Helen asks…

Is the BlackBerry Curve 9360 worth getting ?

Im with Koods and I might be getting the blackberry curve 9360 in October
Is it worth getting?
Or is it already out of style because all be having it for the next two year.

Please help!

admin answers:

Yea it's worth getting, it's really nice and runs the new OS 7, 2 years isn't really a long time and even though OS8 will probably be out by then it wont be too dated.

Jenny asks…

Should I get the blackberry curve 9360 or the bold 9780?

I'm only 13 and I and turning 14 soon and I'm allowed to get a blackberry when I am 14. I don't know weither I should get the curve 9360 or bold 9780...people say the bold is better cuz it's like faster and better quality but Im not such a big cellphone user and I don't do a lot of browsing and stuff. I just text and sometimes call and take pictures. So which one should I get?

admin answers:

Considering your needs, go for the 9360 its slimmer, less business like, and would be a nicer phone for you to use.

William asks…

does BlackBerry Curve 9360 come in white?

I'm planing to get a blackberry curve 9360 and i want it in white, my friend says shes pretty sure only bolds come in white. I'm in mobilicity.

admin answers:

Yes, it does! Check out my link below for an unboxing of a white curve 9360.
Other models that come in white: Curve 8520, curve 9300, Torch 9800 and 9810, so not only the Bolds come in white!

Hope this helps!

James asks…

Would a blackberry curve 9300 case fit a curve 9360 ?

I'm getting a blackberry curve 9360 in a few days...the case I want only comes for the curve 9300. Would the case fit?

admin answers:

No, the're very different phones. They have different shapes and also the media keys are on different sides. The only curves that can use th same cases are the 8520/30 and the 9300.

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