Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Torch 2 T Mobile

Steven asks…

What mobile phone should I buy?

I have a Blackberry Torch 9800. It crashes and is very slow, which really annoys me at times. I also have an iPad 2. The thing is I don't know if I should get one of the new blackberry mobile phones (torches/bold) or get an iPhone. If I get an iPhone I feel it might be a stupid thing to do as why would I want an iPad and an iPhone? There practically the same exept the camera, ones a mobile phone and ones smaller! Can anyone help me out here? Blackberry or iPhone!

admin answers:

Ah im stuck in the same situation. I have an HTC WILFIRE S in purple and an I POD TOUCH 4G and i just want an iphone and through out the others! Why not have something that does EVERYTHING! Mind you , a little off topic. Maybe you should get a blackberry, here in the UK (if ur in uk or us and anywhere else) theres a new blackberry bold with a touch screen and keyboard, yeah a little pricy but hell a lot of good! My friend has it and its amazing, great screen, good camera, and touch screen lets you have a wider range of apps! Check the reviews, its only a suggestion. :)

Linda asks…

Question about switching from T-Mobile to AT&T!?

Hi. I'm not that knowledgeable about cell phones and such, so it would be great if any of you can offer your input! Thanks.

Currently, I am using T-Mobile and I am using T-Mobile Blackberry Curve 8320 (yes, it's old haha). My 2-year contract for this phone is already over. I've always used T-mobile since my parents are using it and I am currently under them.

Right now, I am looking foward to buying a new phone. The phone that interests me the most is the new Blackberry Torch (that is under AT&T). Although I don't want to switch, I really would like to get this phone if possible. I was wondering if any of you know of any costs and such if I were to SWITCH from T-Mobile to AT&T? I plan to get a 2-year contract with AT&T if I do switch.

Any input would be appreciated! The more detailed explanation, the better. If you need more info, please let me know via commenting below. I will constantly check for new responses and will award the best answer. Thank you.

admin answers:

Well to be honest AT&T sucks on my area im from texas and i always get drop calls and now that i have the 4glite the internet is the same as the 3g so my contract with them its almost over and i think the tmobile is much better but is just my opinion and i know it sucks when ur in a company and the other company's bring new phones and u cant have them

Richard asks…

Which cellphone should i get ? (click for more info)?

Blackberry Bold 9780 (white)


Blackberry Torch (white)

iPhone 4 (black)

Which one should i pick ? Please help !

admin answers:

It depends: the iPhone 4 and blackberry have completely different interfaces. If I was choosing a blackberry I would go with the Torch because of the normal touchscreen. Between that and the iPhone.... Probably the Torch because I am not a big fan of icons and nothing else (iOS) and I think that blackberry has done cool things with OS6.

Joseph asks…

Which cell phone should I buy?

I'm looking at the following mobiles -
Blackberry Bold
Droid X
Droid 2
Droid Pro

I personally prefer the actual keyboard and not a touch screen [which is why I like the Blackberry] but I like how you can get Pandora Radio, and have your music on the Droid X. I'd prolly mostly use my phone for texting, facebook, music, and maybe skype and news sometimes. I'd look into the Blackberry Torch, but that is only for AT&T |:

Please help meh -- thanks!

admin answers:

First, all of the phones that you mentioned are great phones.

The DROID phones are only available on VZW and the Bold is available across the top 4 carriers. I'd recommend the Bold or DROID Pro since you want to do a lot of texting. Both of these phones have a keyboards. The difference is between the operating systems: BlackBerry or Android.

The BlackBerry Bold is global smartphone boasts an optical trackpad that makes it simple to scroll through websites, emails, texts, or your address book.

The DROID Pro has both keyboard and large touch screen. It has a fast processor with world phone capabilities.

The DROID X is like a pocket-sized home theater. If you want to watch movies or videos, then it is great. The screen is huge and does not fit in your pocket.

Check out Wirefly to find these phones for free with free shipping.

Lisa asks…

What is better: Iphone 4G vs. T-Mobile HTC G2 vs. T-Mobile MyTouch 4G or Windows HD7 phone?

I'm with T-Mobile now and I have the Blackberry Bold 9700. I was thinking of just buying a new phone, but I want to get the best phone out there which I can use on a GSM network.

I'm really intrigued by the Iphone 4G because I've heard so much good stuff about it and it looks so technologically advanced. All of my friends basically rave and rave about Android 2.2 and all that stuff. So, I do know how great the G2 and the MyTouch 4G are. I also understand that I wouldn't be able to run my IPhone 4G at the same HSPA+ (4G) network that the G2 and MyTouch 4G run on. This is also something to consider since HSPA+ (G2 and MyTouch 4G) get insane download speeds on their Android.

When I stopped by T-Mobile, the HD7 blew me away because it's just gorgeous...but since it just came out I really have no idea about this Windows Mobile 7 and how it's gonna pan out.

If money wasn't an issue, and you needed the best GSM phone right now on T-Mobile's network (locked, unlocked)...which would you buy:

IPhone 4G, the G2, the MyTouch4G, Windows HD7, or even the Blackberry Torch 9800?

Thanks for any input and helping me decide which phone to buy!

admin answers:

The HTC HD7 phone has to be the best option off your list.

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