Friday, October 28, 2011

IPhone iMessage chat, send photos, songs, pictures, or videos without PIN

Apple recently released their latest operating system, Apple IOS 5 that comes along with their latest iPhone 4S. In this new OS, Apple provides a feature that allows inter iMessage users to chat, send photos, songs, pictures, or videos.

Unlike the BlackBerry Messenger, iMessage on the Apple iPhone does not need to use a PIN. This smartphone will automatically detect the phone number they are using the iPhone product.

IMassage addition, new features are offered iOS5 Notification. This is a new notification feature that can be accessed simply by shifting the screen. The presence of this feature eliminates the pop-up menu. We can see the notification messages, missed calls, application updates, stock ticker, calendar and weather.

Interestingly, the iPhone 3G and iPhone4 consumers who have not been able to enjoy that feature because it still uses the previous operating system can now make cell phone operating system upgrade to Apple's latest OS iOS5.

Consumers who buy the iPhone 3G or iPhone 4 officially invited to do the OS upgrade for free to enjoy the sophistication of the latest Apple technologies. "These features make the iPhone attractive to users," .

Besides iMessage and Notification, the IOS 5 there is also the Mail application that supports rich text format so that users can set the display of the letters that appear on the email. With this application users are also more fade in writing an email, mark messages and entering contacts.

The most prominent changes, IOS 5 frees the user from another device, because everything can be done with the Over The Air. No longer need a computer to sync, backup, and restore. Simply use iCloud feature. iClouds also provides free email with 5GB in size.

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