Monday, October 24, 2011

More than 500.000 android applications ready for android user

 Android Market showed a very rapid development, the arguably would be able to follow other, more App Store first present such as the Apple App Store.

Recorded until September and the number of existing applications on Google's Android Market is up significantly, which exceeded more than half a million (500,000). According to data obtained from the company monitors mobile applications, Research2Guidance, Android Market has been displaying more than 500,000 applications in September.

Only, the figure is apparently about 37% of them have now been withdrawn from the Android Market, with a variety of reasons. According to research2guidance could be due to the application from the developers of the less qualified, the application double (double trial), application demos or contain malware. Known, in the Android Market where many users tester (tester), the provide input on applications for testing..

For information, to the Android Market Apps Store competitors like Apple's App Store, still according to the present reserach2guidance number of applications already number range of 600,000. And, as much as 24% of them are disciplined like the happening in the Android Market.

Apple also periodically recorded doing the sorting. Only, when calculated counting the number of applications on the Apple App Store turns the figure is still more than the content in the Android Market.

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