Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dell and Hewlet Packard will use windows 8 next year

Although Windows 8 is still in development stage, Dell and Hewlett Packard (HP) have decided, next year they will use the Microsoft operating system on their tablet products.

Decisions that may be too early is taken in the heat of the tablets price competition from all vendors. Who started this price war is Amazon with its Kindle Fire. Amazon tablets are sold at a very cheap price, 200 dollars.

Since the Kindle has taken segment Fire "tablets very cheap", a conventional computer manufacturing, such as Dell and HP, trying to find a new niche among Android tablet that is "cheap" and the iPad tablet that "expensive". In 2012, Dell tablets with operating system Windows 8 is targeted for corporate users / business. Meanwhile, HP is more a consumer market for its Windows 8 tablet.

Previously Dell had tried using Android in tablet products, Dell Streak 7. However, the tablet is not absorbed by the market and Dell also had shut down production.

Another vendor, Lenovo, has also prepared a tablet product, but it seems to be using Android. While HTC already has an Android tablet is reportedly designing a tablet with Windows 8..

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