Monday, October 17, 2011

Can iPhone 4S attract Blackberry & Android user ?

The presence of Apple's latest smartphone, the iPhone 4S highly anticipated by the users of a product or a fan of Steve Jobs of Apple. Is the iPhone 4S also wanted by other brands mobile phone users?. Can iPhone 4S attract Blackberry & Android user ?

Of the approximately 1,300 respondents, only 12 percent of Android users who plan to make the iPhone 4S as their next mobile phone. For Blackberry users, accounting for 24 percent of them are interested in switching to the iPhone 4S.

The majority of BlackBerry users showed that they were not too interested in the iPhone 4S. Although a few days ago, had troubled the BlackBerry server and users can not use their services for four days.

The survey was conducted by Retrevo and generate conclusions iPhone 4S not managed to attract the attention of the users of Android and Blackberry.

The above results contrast with the results of a survey of iPhone users. As many as 44 percent of iPhone owners want to buy the 3G or 3G iPhone 4S. As for iPhone 4 users recorded as much as 42 percent will do the upgrade.

Although reportedly very disappointed with the features of the iPhone 4S, iPhone users 4, from Retrevo this survey, it was recorded as the largest respondents who would use the iPhone 4S.

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