Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Intel released Core i7-2700K processor

Intel released the latest processors from Sandy Bridge series in response to the emergence of Bulldozer, AMD's latest processor platform. The processor is Intel Core i7-2700K is actually similar to its predecessor, 2600K series, which differ only its clock speed of 100 Mhz.

Inter's latest processor has four cores with the standard 3.5 GHz frequency and can reach 3.9 GHz when Turbo Boost enabled, Hyper-Threading support up to eight threads, and 8MB L3 cache. Just like other models with code "K", i7-2700K comes with unlocked multiplier which allows users to overclock.

Based on Intel's database products, Core i7 2700K priced at 332 dollars. This price is 15 dollars more expensive than the model i7-2600K, which is still sold at a price of 317 U.S. dollars. This is at once dismissed the rumors, Intel will lower prices all the processor. By comparison, AMD's flagship processor, the FX-8150 sold at 280 dollars, 52 dollars cheaper than the latest Intel processors.

The presence of the higher processor speed does not make another series of Intel processors, like Core i5 and i7 come down in price. As quoted from Techspot, Intel has just lowered the price of three series of low end processors, the Core i3-2120, Pentium G850, and G630 Pentium. I3-2120 series, the discounted price of 138 dollars to 117 U.S. dollars, Pentium G630 from the price dropped 75 dollars to 64 dollars, and Pentium G850 gets cut 11 dollars to 75 dollars.

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