Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Google preparing next androis OS caled Jelly Bean

Google has just launched the latest version of Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwiches, some time ago. The launch of the operating system was launched simultaneously with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the first smartphone to use the platform Ice Cream Sandwich.

Even so, Google reportedly is preparing a new Android again, that would probably be Android 4.5 or Android 5. Android, which is said to be named: Jelly Bean.

As quoted from page TechRadar, here is a 'picture' of Android Jelly Bean:

Full Chrome browser

In Ice Cream Sandwich browser already making changes, with the complement system-sync bookmarks in Chrome browser. But, in the Jelly Bean Android, Google is reportedly preparing Chrome browser, with a display like the one on your PC or laptop. It also fit the screen size that smartphones continue to evolve.

Home Screen in Landscape Display

So far, Android phones are generally shaped portrait mode, although the auto rotation allows Android phones appear in landscape mode. But, with the Jelly Bean, Google is preparing a platform for use in landscape mode-shaped device, like a tablet.

Equipped with File Manager

File manager is a necessity, especially for managing the app on SD card. During this time, to organize files, Android users can search for third-party applications on the Android Market. At Jelly Bean, the file manager is prepared for a built-in.

Updated virtual keyboard

Google is preparing Jelly Bean by the updated virtual keyboard. Improvements could be to make access changes the character of the replacement characters (qwerty) to numbers and symbols, simply by pressing the button a little longer.

Lightweight but Powerful

Naturally, if the operating system can run well on dual-core devices for over 5 million. But what if the operating system it runs on devices that have spec cheaper? Android also is prepared to produce a lightweight operating system, but the best, at a more affordable device.

Save Energy

So far, Android users often use third-party applications to conserve battery life. Be it with Task Killer, or a battery-saving applications Juice Defender range. Because it's new Android reportedly being prepared with features that can save battery life and management of resources more efficient.

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