Sunday, October 23, 2011

DoCoMo invated a superfast battery charger

One Japanese carrier DoCoMo has created a super mobile phone charger that can recharge the phone within 10 minutes.

The results of this development will save mobile users if you forget to mobile phone charger before
traveling, because it DoCoMo will do the job, even device is ready with a prototype. reported by Cnet.

The prototype of this super-fast battery can recharge your phone battery in just 10 minutes. When your battery runs out, just put your phone into a prototype, then he will begin to charge your cell phone.

DoCoMo uses a lithium-titanate (LTO) battery faster when compared to charge mobile phone battery lithium lion.

As for the date of release to the market and the price, DoCoMo has so far not been informed about it '

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