Monday, October 24, 2011

Enjoy android applications with Android Internet TV

With Android internet TV you can enjoy all the features and the Android application (this device using Froyo version) on the television screen. Certainly was not all TVs, the device dimension 115 mm x28 X110 is asking television qualified as a HDMI monitor.

The working principle of this device just like a computer. Connection to a television using an HDMI cable. Connection to the Internet can be through two options: Wi-Fi or ethernet RJ45 cable like you use at home. As for text input still needed a regular keyboard using a USB connection. When selecting a menu or an application or run, you can use the remote control operates like a television that has been provided as a package purchase.

The advantage is not derived from cell phones and tablet devices certainly are when enjoying high definition videos or play games. Through television (let alone widescreen) becomes more enjoyable and a new experience. Angry Birds play a game for example, you can draw and play a slingshot by pressing the remote control. Approximately like playing with the Wii console.

Because the same high definition audio quality is much better. Especially when you have to use additional sound system in the living room. So well as when you watch video clips and hear audio.

Android applications are myriad to choose from, for example the genre of children's education. Through the medium of television You can teach math or natural sciences with a more attractive graphical display was interactive. Then the function of television as a medium is no longer just a mere watch soap operas.

Do not forget if you want to show off photos, listen up together, also to up date can be done with the family.

The device is set up memory to store data. The amount of 2 GB, but can you expand into SD or MMC card. If you use the microSD card then you need a converter. was 1 GHz processor.

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