Monday, December 26, 2011

Questions About Blackberry Bold 9700 Manual

George asks…

How do you remove the battery (not battery door) from a Blackberry Bold 9700?

I've been looking all over the place, including my manual, and I can't figure out how exactly to take the battery out from my BB Bold 9700.

admin answers:

If you click this link, it'll bring you to a video of how to take the battery door out of the BB Bold 9700 and how to remove your battery.


Robert asks…

New to blackberry's: What is the flashing yellow light on the blackberry bold 9700 mean?

Anyway to turn it off? I find it annoying. Could find what it meant in the manual.

admin answers:

On my bold 9000 that means the battery is low. If this problem continues go into settings and reset the phone.

Maria asks…

How do you access the App World on the Blackberry Bold 9700?

It's downloaded but I can't find an icon or anything! The manual is no help!


admin answers:

Look in the Downloads folder

Ruth asks…

blackberry bold 9700 plz answer questionsss:)?

ok, so i just got an unlocked blackberry bold 9700 today, and the store i got it from the guy didnt give me a manual so i need some help, umm so i been charging my berry for like 4 hours now and the amber/yellow light on the top is still blinking, i want to know how do i know when its finished charging? does the light change colour? or does it stop blinking? also another thing how do i know if my memory card and sim card have been inserted properly? i inserted them both, and when i went to options it says theres no memory card, and i have no idea if it read the sim card?
Another thing, wats better to use when transfering music, video, pictures to the berry? windows synce, or the roxio media manger, or just drag and drop ? and lets say i want to put movies on the berry what format does the video files have to be?

finally, um i hear that some ppl say that since i dont have data plans or any plans, i just buy phone cards and use them, that i can still access the internet through my phone by using my wireless router? the thing is that when i try to access the router on my berry and type in the password, it fails and doesnt work? what should i do, should i change the password and see if that works or make another connection with a new password just for my berry to access? i need help:)
also i would like to know can the 9700 also play music on speakers? so i can listen to music out loud?

admin answers:

Here is your manual:

Once the battery is fully charged the light should be steady and not blinking.

From page 181 of the online user guide:

LED notification
LED notification
The LED light on the top of your BlackBerry® device flashes different colors to indicate different statuses.
You are in a wireless coverage area.
Your device is connected to a Bluetooth® enabled device.
A new message has arrived and your selected sound profile is set to notify you using the LED.
If you are using your device with a smart card, your device is accessing data on the smart card.
The battery power level for your device is low.

Lizzie asks…

blackberry bold 9700 questions?

today i went to the store and i got a great deal on a new unlocked blackberry bold 9700.
so usually what i do is go to service providers and buy phone cards to use on my phone (pay as you go)
i just wanted to know, um am i be able to use bbm or access the internet if i am using pay as you go? like if i want to access facebook and stuff? or can i use the internet through my router?

also another question when charging the battery on my 9700, how do i charge the battery? do i turn it off and charge it? or do i leave it on and plug in the charger? reason is after i brought it home i put in my memory card, and sim card, and it was on, and i just plugged in the charger and started charging, but its been like 3 hours and the yellow/amber light at the top is still blinking so i dunno if i did something wrong? sorry for these nooby questions, the place where i got it didnt give me an instruction manual.

admin answers:

Phone must be off to charge, you can use wifi without the data plan but you will have to get the data plan to use satellite internet. More information is in the instruction manual here:

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