Thursday, December 29, 2011

Questions About Blackberry Curve 9300 Trackpad Not Working

Jenny asks…

blackberry curve 3g 9300 trackpad problem (working but not working) ?

my blackberry trackpad works on the main screen meaning it can move up down left and right but when i click to go on a option or the menu it doesnt move at all, its strange problem and its stopping be browsing my phone and only letting me stay on my homepage, letting me use the apps there.

i have owned just a month and its in good condition, i dont what the problem could be ?

admin answers:

A good starting point with Blackberry problems is always to try resetting the phone by removing and refitting the battery. This solves a lot of software glitches.

Robert asks…

blackberry curve 9300 trackpad issue?

okay, so 1 month ago i got a blackberry curve 9300 and it worked perfectly fine until the other night.i was talking to my friend on BBM and it froze so i took the battery out and put it back in, it was fine, i thought nothing of it. then the next day it froze again so i took the battery out for two Mins. and it worked again, since then it must have frozen about 20 times now! it froze last night but no matter how hard i tried it still wouldn't work, so i left the battery out all night but it still wont work, and its not under warranty any more.what do i do?x

admin answers:

Easy this one you need a New Track Pad, i had to change one on my Daughters the other day, she had the exact same symptoms as you. EBay sell them for about £3. Make sure you buy the correct one for your phone, BUT if your unsure how to do it Please take it to a specialist. You WILL need special screw drivers and new screws to replace the ones you will round off, all available off EBay. It only takes about 5 mins to do.

Susan asks…

The trackpad on my blackberry curve 9300 keeps stopping and not work l. What can I do! ?

It doesn't let me select, move anywhere or anything

admin answers:

Mine is the same. Your best bet is to take it to a phone shop & send it off to get fixed BUT
BBs are known for being shit, when you can throw the lump of junk away and get something more reliable x

Steven asks…

The trackpad on my BlackBerry 9300 Curve doesn't work?

I've had my BlackBerry Curve 9300 for about 4 months now, the trackpad on it has seemed to stop working around 2/3 weeks ago, It would only work if you pressed down on the pad really hard until it would scroll but now it doesn't even do that and has completely stopped working. I tried taking the battery out numerous of times for about 30 seconds each and that didn't work. Although one time, I woke up one morning and the scroll was working absolutely fine but again now, it doesn't work what so ever so I have to use the keys on my phone for it to work.

Also yesterday I have found another problem that the left and right side of my phone do not work either.
If you have any ideas how I could fix these problems please leave some suggestions, would really appreciate it. Thank you.
Neil, of course I'm not going to buy a new one, I'm not made of money. I'm only 15.

admin answers:

I hace the exact same phone my advice is to take it back to the shop u bought it from and see if the phone is faulty or if its still under guarintee

Laura asks…

My blackberry curve 9300 doesn't work?

right, I am actually begging you to help me!
I've had my phone 4 months now, and it's just absolute shit. The trackpad stopped working about 3 weeks ago, and last week I took it into repair and they rang me today to say they have my 'new' phone. But then when I got there they told me that Blackberry didn't repair it because of some sort of damage I APPARENTLY did to it, even though it has no damage what so ever except for little scratch on the screen. So they didn't repair my trackpad/phone and because I only have insurance with the bank not with them I'm thinking that's why they won't repair it. Also the bank side won't repair it because it's now on warrenty. But anyways, I just tried to make it work and updated it on my laptop and I now have the new software on there, (but as before my trackpad wasn't working I was still able to use SOME of the applications using the keyboard) but now as I've downloaded this software minutes ago, I can't get this screen off explaining about the Blackberry rules & regulations.. the enter button won't make it go away, neither will the space bar, nothing.. I have no idea what to do?! I'm only 15, and to be honest my parents aren't rich and they're so annoying telling me how they won't buy a new one etc. I actually feel like crying... PLEASE help me! How do I get my phone working?!?!

admin answers:

Wish i could help but doubt i can, except to say your phone is under warranty therefore they should repair it, nothing you have done would have caused the trackpad to go wrong. As for what you have just done, you could try a hard reboot it may reset it back to main screen, remove battery with phone on, wait a few seconds then replace. Maybe an idea to ask your father to take the phone back to be repaired. If its only 4months old then the warranty should certainly cover a trackpad. Sorry cant help you further. May be an idea to put your question in the blackberry forums, just type blackberry forum in search. You may get some better and more helpfull answers.

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  1. Problem!! My track pad had problems few weeks ago, I kept on rebooting it and it worked. But then this past Saturday it showed me its other side, since it has stopped then, it doesnt work even when I reboot it. Is the track pad ruined? Should I buy another phone or track pad? coz it receives messages and all that but I cant read anything because it doesnt scroll.