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Questions About Blackberry Wifi Hotspot Not Working

George asks…

Is there a way to get BlackBerry internet without data plan?


i am on an o2 contract and i have the BlackBerry Curve 8520, i have wifi at home. with my contract if i want to access internet through a normal phones browser using edge or the standard connection it is £1 per day. is there a way to make my BlackBerry work with the wifi at home without a data plan?

it does not work at the moment. i am using hotspot browser, no apps work either.

admin answers:

You can see this site , here is your answer

Sharon asks…

How does WiFi on a Blackberry Curve (T-Mobile) Work?

I got a new Curve yesterday. I noticed that it has support for WiFi for making calls, emails, etc. I have the blackberry data plan, which is supposed to handle all of this.

So what will WiFi do exactly? Will it just go over a wireless network if one is available, and if so, why? I just have the BB data plan, not the hotspot@home plan.

admin answers:

Wi-Fi on a BlackBerry allows you to make calls over Wi-Fi as well as get emails while making phone calls. If you don't have the HotSpot@Home plan you can still make calls, but it will still take away from your monthly allotment. But it is good if you are in an area where there is limited service.

I am using the Pearl Flip 8220 on T-Mobile which has Wi-Fi and I have it connected to my wireless network.

Donald asks…

How can i make my Blackberry ONLY use WIFI internet/connection?

Basically, when i'm indoors or in a wifi hotspot i want my blackberry's internet to connect to that. Ideally i would like it to ONLY USE WIFI, because i haven't got an internet add on with it and going on the internet costs quite a bit. My wifi is connected but when i go on the internet it seems to use gprs is it? to connect, really i would like it to not work at all unless i'm connected to wi-fi connection. Sorry for bad standard of english!

admin answers:

Options icon - Advanced Options - Browser

Default browser configuration: Hotspot Browser

Press the Menu key and select Save

Mandy asks…

I have an unlocked t-mobile blackberry curve 8320 with a prepaid zain sim card and gprs internet not working?

I have an unlocked t-mobile blackberry curve 8320 gprs internet not working when i go to the internet on my blackberry it says this is a wifi service only i tried to change browser type and my only option is hotspot browser and i activated my internet service from my service provider prepaid zain iraq
please help

admin answers:

Blackberry uses Blackberry servers for internet. You've to get a Blackberry Data Plan with your Zain if they have one. You can't get it on Prepaid, you've to use WiFi only.

Lizzie asks…

Blackberry flip Wifi won't connect?

I have received a Blackberry Flip phone for my birthday. I have AT&T but it is an unlocked phone. The phone has a wifi feature and is able to connect to my home network. It will find my home network, ask for my WEP code for security, accurately put it in, and it will say connection successful. However, I try to connect to the internet but I get the error message "Unable to connect to the Internet, please try again later. If the problem persists please contact your service provider."

The WiFi router recognises that the phone is connected and shows the correct Mac & IP addresses. On the manage connections screen i get a checked box Wi-Fi network name in green however, it has a white dash where the green check mark or red X should be.

I have called AT&T. First they said I had to register the new phone with the IMEI. Didn't work. Then they said I needed a data plan if I wanted it to work but I refused to purchase one because I believe that I do not need it since it is WIFI and not the data plan. I called my Internet Provider and they had terrible service, they passed me from representative to tech expert until they hung up on me.

My browser configuration is on "Hotspot Browser" and there is not other options to choose from. I know the wifi in my home works because my friend with an Iphone connected to it and used the internet successfully.

I have tried everything and I am frustrated. I am usually really good with electronics but I feel this is a problem that is very uncommon. I thought about it and I think it has something to do with the fact that this phone, though it is unlocked, is meant for T-Mobile users and I am using an AT&T sim chip (because I have AT&T).

Maybe I really do need a data plan with AT&T for it to work. I don't have a plan and previously, it would charge me as I go. Please, any solutions or help would be appreciated

admin answers:

Like you said, yes your friend can connect to a home wifi because he pay for the iPhone plan data(that's why is cost $30). If you don't have a data plan, AT&T block the Wifi feature. I know this because i have a iPhone 3G.

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