Monday, December 26, 2011

Your Questions About Blackberry Bold 9780

Daniel asks…

Does the Blackberry Bold 9780 have the exact same operating system as the Blackberry Torch?

I'm interested in buying a blackberry bold 9780, but i haven't been able to see a sample one, but have the torch, is the operating system for them exactly the same or are there some differences between the two?

admin answers:

Yep, SAME operating system : OS6

No difference !

Richard asks…

Why do people consider Blackberry Bold 9780 the best Blackberry out there?

I have a blackberry curve 3G but I want to know what makes the Bold 9780 so great? And btw do you think the Bold 9900 will be released for Mobilicity?

admin answers:

Well I got my bold 9780 a few weeks ago and I love it.
I've already owned a few curves including the Javelin and the curve 3g and the bold 9780 is so much better in all aspects:

1)Better screen resolution
2)Better camera (5mp)
3)More onboard memory (512mb)
4)Long Lasting battery life
4)Faster web browsing
5) Faster reboot.

I did like my 3g but I was dissapointed because of the low resolution and th 2mp camera with no Flash.

Mary asks…

Where to get my blackberry bold 9780 unlock code its from tmobile usa?

I bought a blackberry bold 9780 from tmobile usa i want to use it out of usa.Where can i get it unlocked? I dont want free code as it can mess with my phone. I want to pay to get the service done from someone trustworthy and reliable.Any advice?

admin answers:

You can buy unlock code to unlock BlackBerry devices from Blackberry unlocking

They can unlock your Blackberry 9780, i am using Blackberry bold 9780 that i have unlocked by blackberry unlocking and now i use it with my T-Mobile SIM card...

You can get it unlocked in minutes, they send to code to your Email and they have unlocking instructions for all blackberry models online.

William asks…

How do i get my blackberry bold 9780 to stop freezing?

I use a Blackberry Bold 9780 and it keeps freezing, the little black box comes up almost every second, even when taking and making calls. Its very frustrating.

How can i make this stop

admin answers:

Do you have a lot of apps on it? Mine started freezing after I downloaded a lot of external applications, I reset it and only kept a few applications and it's now working fast and has never frozen again.

Hope this helps!

Nancy asks…

What is the price of a blackberry bold 9780 in walmart or any good phone store?

I want a blackberry bold 9780 but cheaper than its original price not second hand or something but cheap.

admin answers:

Regular retail is going to be around $450.00 but obviously with a contract it will be a lot less.

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