Thursday, December 29, 2011

Questions About Blackberry Curve 9360 Price

Linda asks…

Blackberry Curve 9300 or Blackberry Curve 9360?

The blackberry curve 9300 (3g) is on sale right now for 150$ with koodo. Meanwhile, the Blackberry curve 9360 was just released with koodo for around 300$ My dad offered to buy me the curve 3g, but the 9360 is too exspensive for him. I kind of really want the 9360 but i dont know which one is really better. So should i just get the 3g now, OR wait until the 9360 goes down in price a bit and buy it myself? which one do you think would be the better option? Do you think its worth the wait? :)

admin answers:

We are actually in the same position right now but, after i did some research and asked a couple of my friends, i learned that the 9300 one is only good for internet such as google and etc. Meanwhile 9360 has a faster operating system, camera flash, 5mega pixels and its way thinner and lighter than 9300 and IT LOOKS SO FREAKIN COOL!. But it actually depends though,if you are a teenager like me, id rather get the 9360 one but if you're like the person who works in downtown and uses internet a lot 9300 would be great for you. Oh btw im with koodo too and you are not actually going to pay 300$ for the 9360 one cause you're going to use the 150 tab and that being said you only have to pay 150$.

Carol asks…

Blackberry Curve 9360 or Torch 9800?

Im getting a contract and I would like a Blackberry but I'm stuck between choosing the new curve [9360] or the old torch [9800] I can find deals that are pretty similar in price, with similar amount of mins and texts [data: curve 100mb, torch 250mb but im only usin for bbm really] so thats not an issue. But which one to get....the torch has a touch screen and a larger screen, but the curve has the new BB OS7...and the torch just seems old...advice/experiences please...

admin answers:

The Curve, the 9800 is awkward to open and feels weird on your face. The new one are awesome though.

Maria asks…

blackberry curve 9370?

can someone please tell me the advantages of a blackberry curve 9370 to a blackberry curve 9360? i also need to know an aproxomate price for it, thanks

admin answers:

Well.. Try the blackberry website

Mandy asks…

Should I keep my Iphone 3G, buy a HTC Wildfire S or buy the new Blackberry Curve?

Hi, I have had my Iphone 3G now for a while and although its decent, the charge is awful and its lags quite a lot :/ I have looked round and have noticed I can afford the HTC Wildfire S or the new Blackberry Curve 9360. Thing is, should I keep my Iphone or change it and go for one of these phones. If there are any other smartphones that look good and are in the same price range as the Wildfire S and Curve 9360, please feel free to mention them :)

admin answers:

Internally, the Wildfire S is powered by a Qualcomm MSM7227 SoC with a 600MHz CPU and an Adreno 200 GPU. We received the international version, which supports quadband GSM and dual-band HSPA (2100 / 900MHz), which unfortunately limited us to EDGE connectivity in the States. Thankfully, HTC sells a variant for our native (1900 / 850MHz) 3G bands. Considering its entry-level positioning, the Wildfire S features a comprehensive assortment of goodies, including: 512MB of memory, WiFi b/g/n (which functions as a mobile hotspot), Bluetooth 3.0, AGPS, and FM radio, along with a compass, accelerometer, proximity and ambient light sensors.

Richard asks…

I'm getting a blackberry on contract, do I have to pay extra for BBM?

I'm getting the blackberry curve 9360, and it's £21 for 100 minutes, unlimited texts and 500mb of internet, would I have to pay an extra £5 a month for BBM making the overall bill £26 a month or is it included in the price?

admin answers:

You have 2 pay for bbm

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