Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Questions About Blackberry Curve 8330 Battery

Sharon asks…

Why Blackberry Curve 8330 Battery runs low so fast?

Charge it overnight. w/power off. surf internet on train to work. (avg 20 mins each way) By the time I get to work, already lost half battery power.

admin answers:

This happened to my husbands phone and we had to do a warranty exchange on the battery. It hasn't done it since. My guess is it is a bad battery.

Steven asks…

does A blackberry curve 8330 battery work in a pearl..!?

By freind needed one so i lended to him but i was wondering if it would work??

admin answers:

It honestly depends on which type of model phone he has. There are many Blackberry pearls out there.All with different models. Go to phonescoop web site & look up the right pearl phone he has. Find it and click on it. Scroll down a bit and look under battery. See if it says 1150 mAh LiIon. If it does then yes it is compatible and will not. If not it is incompatible and will not work.

Nancy asks…

Does the blackberry curve 8330 normally lose battery fast?

I finally bought my own phone and I was told that the battery life on blackberry's was really good. I don't use it that much, just e-mailing and texting. It goes from full battery to none in a day. Sounds kind of quick to me. Does it sound like I should take it back to the store?

admin answers:

I have one and i constantly am on the internet, texting, calling, e-mailing, and mine doesn't even get halfway through that. Try changing your backlight settings that might help.

George asks…

how much is a blackberry curve battery?

I need to buy a blackberry curve 8330 (i think) battery and charger does anyone know how much they are?

admin answers:

You can get one for a cheap price on amazon web site.Look on there for a price.

William asks…

My Blackberry Curve 8330 looses battery life even when it's off. Is there anyway to correct this?

Anytime I turn my phone off, it'll stay off and be just fine. But when I turn it on, the battery has gone down-a lot! I don't know what is wrong with it. Am I doing something wrong? Usually I hold down the end button till it goes off. But sometimes I us the special button that says "turn power off." This is ridiculous. I can't even turn my phone off right. Help me please! Thank you kindly! :)

admin answers:

Sounds like your battery needs to be replaced. Under normal situations, you don't need to turn off the phone as you won't receive calls if it's off. If the battery doesn't last long, then just get a replacement battery. How are you charging the phone? Do you charge it every night even if you didn't use the phone much? This would not be good. As with any batteries, you want to wait until the power has gone down quite a bit (almost dead) before you recharge it.

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