Saturday, December 31, 2011

Questions About Blackberry Tablet

James asks…

Should I purchase a Blackberry Playbook Tablet?

I mean there are so many other Tablets out there right now. Beside the price is outstanding for Blackberry Playbook tablet, can anybody tell me what other advantages for me to purchase this tablets over some other tablets, like HP,ACE, Samsung, Sony or what have you. Thanks.

admin answers:

If you want to know more about the difference ,advantages and disadvantages,try to visit the web

Donna asks…

What is the name of BlackBerry tablet? BlackPad or Playbook?

I'm baffled about name of new release of Blackberry tablet.

admin answers:

It's officially called the PlayBook homie.

Charles asks…

How to tether blackberry internet to android tablet?

I Have a sprint blackberry curve with wifi and unlimited data plan. I want to use the internet connection/acess on it with my Acer iconia tab (android 3.01). So I can use it at work and school. The tablet comes with a USB outlet so I can plug up the blackberry.

admin answers:

Try tethering using your Bluetooth connection from your Blackberry Curve.

If your Acer iconia tablet supports Bluetooth connections, then you should be good to go.

Please refer to the Blackberry link for instructions on how to configure tethering via Bluetooth.

Ken asks…

How do i Transfer a kindle book from a BLACKBERRY to a android tablet?

so i recently purchased a kindle book from amazon from my blackberry torch but now i want to transfer it to my android cruz tablet t301 but i dont know how i would apreciated it a lot if you can help me thanks :)

admin answers:

Login to amazon from your android cruz and you can dl the book again from there. WAIT 1 month for the NEW AMAZON TABLET IT IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!

Donald asks…

Has anyone tried BLACKBERRY Tablet Playbook ?

What features does it got ??
Like is it same the ipad??
Becauae i already got an iphone & ipod touch & i am thunking of buying BLACKBERRY Tablet Playbook

admin answers:

Well it's somewhat similar but it doesn't run on ios, it runs android which is different.

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