Saturday, December 31, 2011

Questions About Blackberry White Screen Hourglass

Michael asks…

My Blackberry Pearl screen went blank. The screen is completely white, no hourglass or any thing.?

admin answers:

Take the battery out and let it rest for a few hours.

If this doesnt help, see if your warranty will cover it and take it to the store!!

Helen asks…

My Blackberry Curve 8520 Starts Up Then Goes To The Reboot Menu And Then To A White Screen?

So it basically goes to the reboot menu and fails about a quarter through and then goes to a white screen with an hourglass for about 2 minutes then goes back to the reboot menu and keeps repeating. So is this a phone fault or does the screen need to be replaced? Btw the phone screen had a slight crack/leak in it beforehand

Thanks in advance

admin answers:

Your best bet is to take it down to your local market were people have phone stalls they should know :)

Thomas asks…

Blackberry 8300 (Curve) screen white's out when on a phone call and an email message comes through.?

It spins the hourglass for 4 minutes, reboots, re-checks security on wireless connection then works again until the next time. Sometimes this happens just when I've been on a phone call for 10 minutes.
I forgot...this happens when I am talking on the phone and an email comes through.

admin answers:

My blackberry curve does that to it normally does it when you are in bad service areas or doing to many things for the phone to handle.Also try exiting back to your home screen when you log on to the net.

Paul asks…

why is there an hourglass on my blackberry when i charge it?

i took the battery out and i put it back in and the screen goes white and theres a little hourglass turning and it doesnt go like to its regular settings
please help me!

admin answers:

Indicates TIME

Laura asks…

Blackberry pearl failed system update, now phone wont start?

I tried to update my blackberry pearls system., and it failed towards the end, so I cancled. Now the phone wont even start up. Its got an hourglass on it and a white screen. wth do I do??

admin answers:

This should get you going again. If you're not a member (free) then sign up. LOTS of helpful info.


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