Sunday, January 1, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Curve 9360 T Mobile

George asks…

Blackberry Curve 9300 or 9360?

I can get the 9300 for $50 and a two year contract with Fido or the 9360 for $150 with Koodo Mobile, and have $150 put on my tab. I'm 15 so I won't be using it for any business stuff, just BBM and social networking and stuff. Is the 9360 worth the extra money? is there really that big of a difference between OS 6 and 7?

admin answers:

Blackberry 9300

Betty asks…

What phone should i get (Blackberry or Android)?

I am a twelve year old boy and i want a new phone. here the thing i am having trouble deciding which phone to get because android is aw some but a lot of there phones freeze. and idon'tt need to get android becausee i have an ipod touch. so i thought about the blackberry. i asked myself do you think blackberry curves are boring.
so i want you. guys to tell me which phone i might not regret getting.

So here are my choices
1. BlackBerry® Curve9360 - Black
2.T-Mobile Sidekick® 4G - Matte Black
3.T-Mobile® myTouch® Q - Gray

admin answers:

The curve is a great phone and i, personally, prefer it to the bold. If your on your phone constantly then definitely a blackberry. They are really easy to type on and much better than androids which are just very poor knock offs of the iphone software. The two other t mobile phones look quite chunky and not very appealing.

Nancy asks…

Blackberry! So excited, please help me with one teensy tiny thing.?

Hi theree, Im getting a blackberry iin a week. So, I was wondering which blackberry was the best. Right now, I'm probably getting the blackberry curve 9300 or 9360. I have T-mobile. Is the curve good..? If you have the curve 9360 or 9300 what do you think of it.? Any problems? It can only be 80 or less. It counts as a birthday present. Thank you soo much!
The one i have my eye on is 79.99$$

admin answers:

£80?! Girl, you'll only get a 9300 with that if pigs learn to fly! (or you find a cheap one on eBay!)

Mark asks…

My phone won't turn on from t mobile please answer I will choose best answer ?

Its the new blackberry curve 9360 and it's under a month old, I think it's because they send me txt msgs about my bill (I'm under a contract) so I didn't pay yet because I will get my check this week. So can they turn it off like that or is there something wrong with my phone

admin answers:

Sounds like theres something wrong with your phone, if you dont pay your bill the first thing they will do is restrict your usage so you cannot make calls or send texts .

Maria asks…

What Phone Should I Get?

Should I get the T-Mobile HTC Rader 4G,the Blackberry Curve 9360, the G2X for LG,or the Sidekick 4G. PLEASE HELP ME THANKS IM IN THE 7TH GRADE.

admin answers:

Well, depending on if you are a texter, you should get the Sidekick 4g for tmobile. My Friend has that phone and he said that he really likes it and it is easy to use. If you just want a touch screen any other phone is a good choice. Blackberry's are more for older people but if you like them then get it.

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