Monday, January 9, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Or Iphone Yahoo Answers

Charles asks…

Would you buy a Yahoo Answers application for your iPhone or Blackberry?

If it existed?

I would.

What about you?

admin answers:

As addicted as i i wouldnt. Where have you been?

George asks…

Should I get an iphone or blackberry?

Which is better for web surfing, iphone or blackberry? Which is better for posting on Yahoo! Answers?

admin answers:

IPhone. It's price dropped today too!

Sharon asks…

yahoo answers mobile?

Do they have a mobile yahoo answers (for blackberry, or an iphone on that you can use on ipod touch)?
Or do they plan on making one?
Its such a pain to do it on my blackberry and ipod touch, sometimes it doesn't even work, they need to make a yahoo answers mobile if they don't have one already.

admin answers:

No, unfortunately there is no mobile version of Yahoo! Answers.

See also links below.

Maria asks…

IPhone 4 or Blackberry Bold 9780 for better Internet browsing?

And also which is quicker for Internet browsing/ yahoo answers?

admin answers:

IPhone 4, it's easier too!

Mary asks…

Which is the better phone for STRICTLY Internet, IPhone 4 or Blackberry Bold?

For faster Internet and yahoo answers?

admin answers:

Definitely the iPhone 4 by miles. Also, I believe that there's an Y! Answers app on iPhone too. For web browsing, the iOS 5 update makes web browsing quite fast.

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