Friday, January 27, 2012

Questions About Blackberry Vs Android Phones

Jenny asks…

New android phone vs blackberry 9900?

What's better?
What would you buy? Include reasoning.
Thank you.

admin answers:

Androids are much better. They have faster processors and always a bigger selection of apps. Plus, blackberry's are damaged to early. You'd probably save money buying an android

James asks…

Blackberry vs. Android?

I'm currently phone shopping & I have wanted a blackberry for a while but I have heard that people have had many problems with them internet wise & also sometimes not recieving text messages & have been told that I should probably get an Android phone instead. I am wondering if this is true...people with Blackberry's, your comments on how you like your phone would be very helpful!

admin answers:

Blackberry is better overall, more stable alot of Androids would be better but they freeze much of the time.

Linda asks…

Android powered phones vs. Blackberries?

Hello all :) I'm looking at maybe getting a smartphone next summer with verizon. But I'm no entirely sure which one is the best because I don't wanna be spending my money on something and it be crappy, know what I'm saying? So my question is, which of these types of phones is better: android powered phones (like the droid) or blackberries? Ithibk both but like I said above I don't wanna have to be paying for something and it sucks. So lots of opinions, answers, and maybe some links to some legit sites would be muchly appreciated :) thanks! :)

admin answers:

I had the same problem months ago. Anyway, i chose blackberry. I enjoy it now but i think that if you want to really maximize the features of your phone, get an android. I recommend htc evo. Blackberry offers an app world that has some apps but the android market offers MORE apps.

Mary asks…

LG Android vs Blackberry Brand For highschool?

Im deciding between LG Android or Blackberry brand for highschool

I can get any phone for 0$ as long as I stay to the same company for 3years. Like the company im going is Telus.

LG Android phone i picked is
-LG Optimus One or LG Optimus 7 (Help me pick one please give me your opinions)

-Blackberry Curve

In highschool probably most ppl have Blackberry bcuz of the BBM but if I can get something new or unique such as an LG Android would it still be good?

Please tell me which one would be good

admin answers:

LG Optimus 7

Tthe Marketplace has also the essential apps (Kindle, Netflix, etc.)

The screen not too glossy so it's not very prone to fingerprints as some of the other phones.

As for performance, this is probably one of the fastest phone that I've ever seen. I have had the phone for 6 months and have yet to see any lag, hang, or crash at all. In fact, it will blow the Optimus One and BlackBerry Curve handsets out of the water from a performance perspective.

Another important factor is the feel. While the Optimus One feels cheap and flimsy, the Optimus 7 feels solid in the hand and has a much more tactile texture.

Michael asks…

Blackberry vs Every Other Phones?

What's with the blackberry? how come everywhere i go i always here people saying they'd get rid of their current phone for a blackberry. c'mon.. i held a blackberry not too long ago and i'd dare say android or even the dying symbian os has more to offer. but then again i may be wrong. so what's the deal? can someone please enlighten me.

Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

I have no idea, that's crazy. I have a blackberry and I would do anything to get rid of it! I'm so fed up with everything about this phone. I've had 5 blackberries before (handed down or replaced because it failed), and first off the touchscreen blackberry was absolute garbage. The OS is terrible, and the GUI is more complex then it needs to be. Nothing on the phone seems to be meant for ease of use, choices of applications suck. The browser sucks. My E-mails fail all the time. My Media card has failed on three different models deleting everything I had on it. I would also like to mention that when you shut the phone off completely it takes 5 minutes just to turn back on. It has a tendency to call people randomly when it is in my pocket (even with the 'hold' turned on) and my phone regularly freezes (about 3 times a week). The newer smart phones are far better and I can't wait for blackberry to be phased out all together because they suck.

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